Week Ahead

The Week Ahead…


How was your week? I don’t know about you, but man, was that Mercury-Uranus energy at the Full Moon difficult! I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say, there were nerves struck, words exchanged, simple misunderstandings turned into mountains, and perspectives unwilling to shift…even a little. As is usual with fixed energy, it seemed to take a little longer to be felt, but hung around far past it’s best by date.

Not to worry, it was all so yesterday.

Did anyone happen to catch my latest edition of Catching Stars? This month I spoke virtually to Sally Kirkman. If you didn’t happen to see it, the link is here. I have next months interview lined up too- here’s a hint, if you’re into asteroids, you won’t want to miss it.

On the Tuesday Toolbox, we’re getting to the end of our introductory trip around the chart. There are just another few posts to go. If you haven’t been keeping up, you can review them all via this link. I’m in the process of putting them all, plus some extras, into an ebook that I’ll be offering up for sale early in 2016.

Over on and anyways, I popped up another couple of posts relating to NanoWriMo- something on planning locations, and some ideas on where to find, well, ideas.

Speaking of which, nano starts tomorrow, so I’ll be concentrating on that for the next month- plus finalising what I need to finalise to get Big Girls Don’t Cry out.

As a reminder, I’ll be road-tripping for most of November and December. There are posts scheduled, which should automatically feed through to the astro Facebook page and Twitter. I probably won’t be posting any new content on here, though. If you’re interested, you can keep up with my trip through instagram and and anyways…the links are on the website.

Naturally, there was also the usual Friday Five and the round-up of the week that was. I even managed to pop up a little something on Halloween and how I’m a hypocrite about it.

Ok, to the sky…

Mercury moves into Scorpio on Monday. Naturally, there’s a post scheduled to go on this one. I won’t give too many spoilers, but this one is about getting to the core of things, the root cause of problems- digging through the dirt, mining for information. There are more clichés where those came from. Think Dire Strait’s Private Investigations and you’ll be close to the mark.

On Tuesday, Venus and Mars hook up for the last time in this cycle. Given that this is a joining of male and female energies, of course this is about relating, and attracting, and desiring…but it’s not just about sexual and life partners. It’s all and any relationship. It’s how you relate, how you want to relate, who you want to relate with…you get the idea. It’s also a creative transit- especially for detailed or finicky work. In any case, it’s happening at 24 Virgo.

Moving through to Friday and we have a sextile between the Sun and Pluto. If you have any tweaking or realigning that needs to be done, any mess (physical or metaphorical) that needs to be cleaned up, today is a good day to be doing it. With the Sun in Scorpio aligning to Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, focus and intent is razor-sharp. Just take care to use the opportunities for improvement for good, not to win some sort of ego-driven power struggle.

We finish the week in much the same way we finished last week- with a trine to Neptune…this time with Mercury involved.

This one amps up the sensitivities to the most subtle of moods around you. Those of you who naturally pick up on this sort of stuff will pick up even more. Those of you who tend to drift through hearing only what is actually spoken, will have their antennas tuned a little more closely into the unsaid. It goes without saying that this is great energy for imaginative work.

And finally, don’t forget that if you’re after a 2016 Astro diary, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with some other amazing astrologers on this one. I haven’t seen a copy yet myself, but apparently they’ve turned out really well.

Have a great week…