The Week Ahead


So anyways, it’s jacaranda season here in Sydney- those fleeting few weeks where that oh so special colour is dotting the suburban skyline. When Miss 17 was Miss Much Younger, she used to call jacarandas the fairy flower trees. It’s so easy to see why.

I’m on the countdown to the ultimate road trip- it can’t come quickly enough. There’s still so much to be done in preparation. In addition, I’m also in pre-production for my latest novel. I’ve decided on a cover (which I can’t unveil just yet) and am in the middle of proof-reading.

All I need now are the usual ISBN numbers, another pass at the proof and I’m done. Well, except for writing the blurb and the acknowledgements- surprisingly the two hardest things to write in a 90,000 word book.

I’ve decided on December 8 as my official release date, although depending on wifi while I’m away, it could be up on Amazon before that. I have good astrological reasons for choosing that date:

  • The Sun is conjunct my Sagittarius Midheaven
  • Venus and the Moon are conjunct my Scorpio Mars
  • Jupiter (the ruler of my Midheaven) is in the 7th and conjunct Uranus and Pluto, so firing up my natal kite.

In between all of that, November is just around the corner- and I use November and National Novel Writing Month (nanwrimo) for the first 50,000 (or so) words of any new project. If you’ve been talking about writing a novel- or something non-fiction, nanowrimo could be the kickstart that you need to your project. I’m doing a set of posts on and anyways, so just check out the writing category.

If you do sign up, there’s a buddy system- I’m astrojo.

OK, what else?

I was involved in a project earlier this year with some other amazing astrologers to contribute to a set of 2016 diaries. There’s a diary for each sign with a year ahead summary, a summary for each month, and a forecast for each day. It was a humungous effort- all coordinated by Yasmin Boland.

I won’t tell you which signs or which months I wrote for, but if you’re interested, here’s the link. I haven’t got a copy yet myself, so apologies, but won’t be able to answer any questions you could have.

To the sky and the week ahead…

First up we have a hook up between the two great beneficiaries of the zodiac- Venus and Jupiter. Anyways, it’s arguably one of the nicest, feel-good planetary meetings there is. It’s such a pity that it doesn’t last more than one day. It’s all happening at 15 Virgo.

It’s about feeling good, about indulgences and about nice stuff. It’s my hubby’s birthday tomorrow, so he has this arrangement in his solar return. We’re certainly doing some indulging over the next couple of days.

Also tomorrow is an opposition between Mercury and Uranus. This one is potentially more explosive- although should be tempered somewhat by the Venus-Jupiter influence. Mercury- Uranus is one of those oppositions that’s not great for:

  • Detailed work
  • Negotiating peace talks
  • Thinking things through
  • Thinking before you speak

Get the idea?

Given that there’s a Taurus Full Moon on Tuesday, part of finding this compromise will require you to let go of something that no longer needs to be held onto. I’ll have a full post on this up tomorrow.

As with all oppositions, the key is finding that point of compromise or middle ground. That’s where the Venus-Jupiter hook-up should be able to help you put a little earthy practicality into the mix.

We finish the week with a lovely trine between the Sun and Neptune. This is soulful, spirituality at its deepest level. It’s about taking your ego and moving past it and beyond it to something more intensely ideal. It’s great energy for meditation, for daydreaming, for selflessly helping others and for intuitive work.

Have a great week!