The Week Ahead…


So anyways, I’ve had the head cold from hell this week. Yes, I’m dramatising…but as I (usually) only get one of these a year (touch a lot of wood), a little whingeing is absolutely allowed.

I did the soldier on and make like a martyr thing at work, but didn’t have the energy to get any other writing done once I did get home. Luckily I’d already scheduled everything that needed to be scheduled. Except this post, of course.

In a way, as frustrating as it’s been not to be able to enjoy yesterdays fabulous Spring weather, it’s all worked out as it should have. My copy edit arrived back from the editor on Friday, so given that I wasn’t well enough to do much else, I got stuck into that yesterday and knocked over about 139 pages. Hashtag winning.

In a way, it was the whole Mars-Jupiter conjunction thing working at it’s best. How do I figure that? Mars is in my 8th house natally, and rules my 9th (associated with publishing, travel etc…and this book is both). Jupiter is in my 5th house (creativity) natally and rules the 10th (career) and both are joined currently in Virgo- my 6th house. When you think about it, it was all perfect energy to do detailed (Virgo), deep (8th house Mars) work (6th house) on a book (5th house) for publication (9th house) by me as the publisher (10th).

How’s that for looking for a silver lining to my miserabilism?

I’m really happy with this book. The edit is (so far) relatively light, with hardly any structural revisions required. I’m still agonising over the cover though. I wrote a little about that- and the rest of the week that was- in the Friday Five.

Also up on and anyways were a few scheduled writing posts. We’re coming up to the annual marathon for writers that is National Novel Writing Month- or NaNoWriMo. I’ve done it each year since 2007. I wasn’t going to this year, as I’ll be on holiday for the back half of November and into December, but it’s a great excuse to take a new idea out for a test flight, so how hard can it be? Right?

If you want to take up the challenge, check out this post, and keep your eyes open for the others I have scheduled.

To the sky and the week ahead.

Aside from the Moon doing her lunary thing, there’s not a lot in the way of major aspects until Friday when a couple of connections with Pluto herald in the Scorpio season.

Any connection with Pluto has to do with power, ambition, force and obsession. Despite the strength of these words- or any words involving Pluto- the outcomes don’t have to be unpleasant- although they absolutely can be.

Mercury square Pluto is the more difficult of the two- squares, usually are…although also potentially the most transformative of the two…squares usually are. At it’s most literal the phrases that come to me are things like: compulsive thinking, one-track mind, preoccupation with something, attempts to force your point of view onto someone else.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be about being right all the time, or having the last word, or compelling others to agree with you- especially if the issue itself isn’t really that important in the scheme of things.

Turning these around, this focus is great if you need to concentrate on something, not so good if it clouds your judgement and closes your mind to other possibilities. It’s also perfect energy for getting to the bottom of something- even if you have to deal with resistance to get there.

Active at the same time is a trine between Venus and Pluto. Whilst any contact with Pluto intensifies relationships, it will help you manage and hardness the potential that’s in that Mercury-Pluto square- simply by allowing you to understand the deep and, potentially, hidden motivations of those you are dealing with. Remember, you’re not just looking at romantic relationships here- but also work relationships, partnerships, etc. Keep this in mind if you’re eye-balling someone over a meeting table on Friday.

And then on Saturday, the Sun moves into Scorpio. I quite like the energy that’s around this- the Moon and Neptune are joined at 7 Pisces, and Venus, Jupiter and Mars are at 13, 15, and 17 Virgo respectively. No, this probably has absolutely no significance at all- except that I’m a tad partial to the arrangement of the numbers.