The week ahead…


So anyways, it’s a rainy Sunday morning here in Sydney, and I’m checking through the aspects for the week ahead. It’s what I do on weekends- try and get up to date with next weeks stuff before the chaos of the partition starts up again. This coming week is likely to be more chaotic than normal as I have 2 weeks of much needed holiday at the end of it. Why do we do that to ourselves? Run ourselves ragged in the lead up to holidays as we try and get 3 weeks worth of work jammed into 1? Then you get on the plane and just crumple. Or is that just me? Then, of course, there’s the million emails that continue to come while you’re away…

But I digress. My usual weekly round up thingie is over at and anyways– if you’re interested.

To the stars.

It’s possibly fitting that I’m knuckling down and trying to catch up on some word work today, as Mercury is opposing Saturn. It’s serious thinking time. Any opposition with Saturn can also feel quite isolating, so if you find your thoughts drifting in a more negative or self-defeating direction, give yourself a good hard talking to. Thankfully this one is over relatively quickly.

In around 24 hrs (early Monday afternoon here in Aus) we have the Scorpio Full Moon. I popped something about this one up on the blog this morning. The link is here. To help you do the DIY thing, I also re-vamped the DIY Full Moon post. It’s now pinned to the front page of the website for easy reference.

Jupiter plays a key role in this one, forming an almost exact t-square. T-squares represent challenge and friction, but they also represent huge potential. This is especially the case when we look at the heavy hitters that form “easy” aspects into this t-square: Pluto and Uranus. It’s through these planets that break-through can be made.

The problem with t-squares is it can all seem so hard- and when it all seems so hard, we fall into the shadow of whatever it is that’s being so hard.

Full Moon

Breaking this one down:

  • Squares between the Moon and Jupiter, and the Sun and Jupiter: the shadow tendency could be excesses in indulgence or taking on more than you have capacity to deal with.
  • The Scorpio shadow is one of fear, paranoia and control for reasons of fear and paranoia.
  • The Taurus shadow is fear of there not being enough, or anymore.
  • Given that fixed signs are involved, it can also be change resistance for the sake of resistance…or simply because you can’t be faffed.

For me, this Full Moon feels like one where there is the potential for Big Things- as long as you confront what it is that you need to confront, let go of what it is that you need to let go of, and trust in whatever it is that needs to be trusted in. I’ll leave you with that.

The trine between the Sun and Pluto is exact on Wednesday.

Although fairly brief, use this time to make an impact- or a start on those intentions you set at the Full Moon. Sun/Pluto trines are good for getting things done.

On Friday, just after the Moon moves into Capricorn, Venus moves into Cancer, softening the whirl of the last few weeks. Here’s a link to last years post, but I’ll try and cobble something newish together.

The week finishes with a somewhat confusing square between Mercury and Neptune. It’s probably best that this is occurring on a weekend! It’s one of those aspects where you are prone to making decisions that are, at best, doubtful, and are, at worst, just plain wrong. Keep communications factual, don’t try and hide or spin anything that shouldn’t be hidden or spun, and as tempting as it is to sink into fantasy, try and remember that that is what it is.

This is a great aspect for imaginative or spiritual work…and indulging in a little light daydreaming. In fact, it’s a precursor to Mercury turning retrograde, so abide by all the same rules.

Speaking of which- for those of you who tend to be impacted by Mercury retrograde- you know who you are- Mercury stations retrograde on May 19 at 13 Gemini. If you haven’t been backing everything up, you should do so now. I’ll be travelling, so am busy printing and confirming my arrangements as we speak- taking care to allow plenty of contingency. Garuda has informed me that our direct return flight is no longer direct, but includes a transit in Jakarta. Let’s just say- I’m keeping all options open.