Week Ahead

The Week Ahead…


I dread school holidays. Not in the way that parents who have to figure out what to do with their little darlings do- I’ve been there and done that- but because the food court at the local shopping mall is a nightmare at lunchtime for those couple of weeks. Yep, it’s all about me.

That’s why I couldn’t understand the rationale behind boarding up the outdoor seating area and closing the food court toilets to coincide with the beginning of school holidays. There were plenty of posters up about visiting minions and school holiday fun, but none about closed amenities- at least not until after they were closed. I’m guessing there’s a Project team in at…ok, I won’t tell you where…who is being asked questions about planning and communication. Anyways, I wrote a little about in in my weekly round up over at and anyways.

Mercury retrograde anyone? I’m guessing they don’t have an astrologer on staff.

Also from the mercury retrograde it seemed like a good idea at the time files, comes yesterdays release by Apple of the new iphone here in Aus. I’ve already spoken to a few people about issues- apparently known glitches. I know…right? I’m guessing they don’t have an astrologer on staff either.

But, as I’ve said before, life doesn’t stop just because Mercury is retrograde. It is, however, a time for reading contracts fully, tittling i’s and crossing t’s…and checking that reply all isn’t selected when it shouldn’t be!

Mercury retrogrades are great for re words. I’ve been using the energies to finish the structural edit on my next novel. It’s nearly done, but boy, am I having trouble completing a brief for the cover design!

The key to managing Mercury Rx periods is to remain flexible. Take yesterday morning for example. I had a hair appointment booked in for 8am, followed by acupuncture at 11.30am. Just as I was leaving home I had a call from my hairdresser. ‘Sorry, Chrissy is sick.’ No problems- Chrissy is never sick. I rescheduled for next Friday- the world will need to deal with my grey roots until then. In the meantime, that gave me time to get some blogging done and scheduled.

Then I inexplicably left home for my 11.30am acupuncture to time for an 11am appointment. When I got there, Lisa declared, ‘great! You got my text!’

I hadn’t- my phone was on silent- but she’d had a last minute cancellation and asked if I could come in half an hour earlier. Bonus, my stuff-up and her cancellation had given me back another half hour.

The biggie this week as far as the skies are concerned is the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Aries. Here is Australia, it’s exact at around lunchtime on Monday, ok 12.50pm to be exactish.

While we’ll miss it down here, those of you in the Northern hemisphere, should be able to get a good view of it. The timing is something like 2.50am (Monday) GMT, 7.50pm (Sunday) PDT and 10.50pm (Sunday) EDT….or thereabouts.

In case you missed it, I popped something up yesterday.

Remember, if you want to know what the eclipses mean for you personally, Big Sky Astrology’s Followed By A Moonshadow is a great resource. You can purchase through the linky thing on the sidebar on the website.

What else?

Given that the first few days of this week are end of financial year in my workplace, I think that a Lunar eclipse is quite enough. Having said that, if there’s any peace-making to be done, deals to be negotiated, spin to be spun, outcomes to be manipulated, the Sun and Mercury hook up in Libra in the early hours of October 1.

Other than that, there’s not that much to make a big deal about.

Have a great week…