Week Ahead

The week ahead…


It’s been a big week here in Chez Tracey.

Aside from the usual business of the partition, the majority of the week was taken up with activities associated with Miss 17’s last week of formal schooling. She graduated from High School on Friday, and had their formal dinner/dance on Friday night.

It’s not over yet, though…they have the next two weeks for study, and then the final exams commence. These go until early November, and it’s those marks that determine whether or not they get into the University course that they’re aiming for. For some, this is more pressure than their 17/18 year old brains should have to cope with.

Miss 17 isn’t really sure yet what her final preferences will be. Although a little frustrating, I think it’s her way of keeping her options open and not putting too much pressure on herself. We went and looked at another campus here in Sydney last Saturday- the main photo was taken walking there from the train station. Now we do the wait and see thing.

Anyways, I wrote a little about how I’m feeling about it here. If you want some photos from the day, I posted a few in this piece.

Ok, to the skies. We have a lot to get through, so settle in and listen up.

First up on Wednesday, the Sun moves into Libra. There’s a post scheduled, so keep your eyes open for that. For now, have a look at what house/houses Libra covers in your chart. If you’re not sure how to do this, refer back to Lesson 1 in the Toolbox series. This is the part of life that will be for you receiving the Sun’s light over the next few weeks. You can help out, by intentionally thinking about the affairs of this house. Are things aligned, or does some re-balancing need to occur?

Also on Wednesday, Venus and Uranus connect. This is usually a stimulating, energising, break from the everyday sort of transit. It is not one of those nothing is working, so the whole thing has to be thrown out sort of transit. There is a difference- so my advice would be to go with the former and resist any impulses around the latter.

The Sun aligns with both the North Node (conjunct) and Saturn (sextile) on Thursday. I don’t write a huge amount about the nodes here, but and Sun conjunction is worth talking about- especially when Saturn is also involved.

The North Node is sort of like a karmic path pointer- this way lies something that you need to do, but will probably be quite hard. The directional pointers won’t be clear, because you haven’t been that way before.

Yep, it’s Saturn stuff.

Sextiles generally mean opportunities, and sextiles between two planets in masculine signs (remember what you learnt in Toolbox) generally mean that you don’t have to look too hard for the opportunities. In this case, with Saturn involved, the opportunities you don’t have to look too hard for, mightn’t (on first glance) appear that enticing…but this is about long run, need to do for the future type of stuff.

Mercury squares off against Pluto on Friday. Mercury is retrograde, and Pluto is stationary and about ready to turn direct- something that will happen on Saturday.

Anyways, we experienced a Mercury-Pluto square just a couple of weeks ago. Think back to any clashes from around the 10th of September. Similar sparks could be flying now, and similar roadblocks could be in place. As I said back then- that’s ok. Although it’s easy to say that it’s their problem and not yours, an open mind, and wider perspective could allow you to move ahead without too many tears. The struggle, if there is one, will come when you hold on too hard to an idea or judgement.

Also on Friday, Mars moves into Virgo- yes, I’ve scheduled an old post to be re-posted for then. As Mars transits are like reboots for that part of life, I’ve suggested you might want to intentionally take a look at where Virgo is in your chart and figure out what needs boosting and tweaking.

Speaking of Mars, he squares off against Saturn on Saturday. This has a definite rock and a hard place sort of feeling about it, but it’s important to remember that both planets are full of the sort of energy you get when you first move somewhere and are all enthusiastic with “some things are gonna change around here.” It’s also important to note that we’re talking about two mutable signs- Virgo and Sagittarius- so finding that point of flexibility will be the key to making the most of this high potential, albeit relatively brief, transit.


Have a great week…