The Week Ahead…


I wrote a bit in my eclipse post on Friday about how I’m not ready for the changes that are happening in our little family. They’re good changes, and changes in the way that things should be going, but I’m still not ready for them.

In other news, I’ve been spending every non-partition hour available working on the structural edit for Big Girls Don’t Cry, so haven’t been around here much. It’s all on track to have into my editor for copy editing in the next couple of weeks.

I’m yet to email my cover designer- the lovely Jacinda May- to get her to start work. I have some ideas as to how I’d like this to look, but because I’m going to offer print as well as ebook with this one, I want to sketch some bits and pieces out for myself first.

There’s still a lot to do, but I’m aiming for a launch a few weeks before Christmas.

Of course I have charts drawn up for my leads. This time around my heroine is an Aries (having one hell of an outer planet transit), and my hero is a Taurus. It’s an interesting combination, but one that works really well for these two. I’ll post charts etc at some point before release date.

Other than this, the week that was is up on the Friday Five.

To the skies.

The big news astrologically is this afternoons (Sunday morning or Saturday evening if you’re in the Northern hemisphere) Solar Eclipse. Of course, I’ve posted something on it…and something on the Virgo New Moon. Knowing how proactive you all are, you’ve probably already got your journals out and intentions set.

Mercury goes retrograde on Friday. We’ve all been through these before, so my message is just to slow down. Check out the Mercury Rx Survival Guide, and keep your plans flexible.

Saturn finally moves out of Scorpio on Friday as well. Scorpions can breathe a sigh of relief- he won’t be coming back through your sign for another 28 (or so) years.

What else?

On Thursday, Jupiter is opposite Neptune. This is an aspect that has been building for most of the month. It’s also one that has the potential to be self- destructive beyond belief or perspective widening beyond belief.

Neptune dissolves everything it touches and Jupiter expands it. Put these together and you have the potential for extremes in escapist behaviours such as gambling, risk taking, addiction- and the consequences that come from these.

Now is not a great time for betting on anything- even if the investment appears to be a safe one. It’s also a time where, if you’re not alert, blind faith could leave you to believe in someone who doesn’t deserve that.

On the other end of the spectrum, this transit can open your mind and alter your perspective in a way you’d never imagined. Just take care to keep your wits about you. If something (or someone) appears too good to be true, they probably are.

The key to managing this transit will be through the Scorpio Moon on Thursday. Rather than idealising something or taking it at face value, a little mistrust and questioning to get to the soul or root cause will help.

Where’s this happening? We’ll all feel this a little- it’s part of the astro weather forecast for the week- but if you have personal planets or chart points at or around 8 Pisces, you’ll need to be on guard. In face, if you’re the type that is prone to a little Neptune illusion or Jupiter over-reaching- and you know who you are- take care not to allow yourself to slip into those behaviours or be taken advantage of.

Have a great week,


I figured going forward I’d pop up my favourite photo for the week. This one is a blossom tree captured on my 6am walk yesterday…