The week ahead – 17/12 18 – 23/12/18

Christmas preparations are well and truly underway here in Chez Tracey. The tree is up and decorated, presents have been bought and wrapped and festive baking has commenced. Although it’s storm season here in South East Queensland and the humidity is ever present, it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

I spent last weekend and most of last week in Sydney. We had a friend’s 60thbirthday to attend and some early Christmas catch-ups with my parents and siblings. It was also an opportunity to show my face in the day job office. While I’m an introvert at heart and have this working remotely from home thing down pat, I do miss the interaction with my colleagues – just not the commute into the city!

If you want to know more about what I’ve been up to, there should be a wrap-up post up on and anywayslater this afternoon.

Right, to the skies! It’s a big week astro wise so grab yourself a cuppa and get comfortable. 

Monday 17/12/18 

Venus sextile Saturn

Mars sextile Pluto

Saturn’s influence on Venus is one of moderation of sorts – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to Venus in Scorpio and her tendency to compulsion and obsession. Sometimes too much of what we love does us more harm than good and the sort of intensity that comes with Venus in Scorpio can become too much very quickly.

Sextiles bring with them opportunities – in this case there are opportunities for sensible and realistic change in relation to your, well, relationships.

When it comes to Saturn things often aren’t as bad as you think they are, and with Venus in Scorpio, there could be a little paranoia and distrust creeping in distorting your perspective. You might, in fact, be seeing something that absolutely isn’t there.

On the other hand, if there is something real to see or dig up, Saturn’s practical influence could help you see the reality. 

If you’ve been dwelling on what you’re not getting out of your relationships, this brief transit is also a reminder for you to think also about what you’re not putting into it.

Also happening today is an alignment between Mars and Pluto. Again it’s a sextile, so that means an opportunity. It’s between feminine signs, so that means the opportunity won’t jump up and wave it’s arms around until you notice it. What is the opportunity? A chance to do something that inches you more closely towards your dreams. Here’s a thought – why not today do something, anything, no matter how small, that moves you in that direction. Dreaming of being a writer? Write some words. Want to be a designer? Get that sketch paper out. It may seem little and meaningless, but in the long run it all counts.

Friday 21/12/18 Sun trine Uranus

Possibly because I have the Sun aspecting Uranus natally, this short transit is one of my personal faves. It’s energetic, enlivening, and stimulating. Sure, it’s not great for discipline and routine tasks, but seriously, do we want to be disciplined and in a routine all the time? Oh, right, yes, that’s what most of us are paid to do….ooops. I get that – but I also get that for many of us in Australia, today marks the official end of the school year (and the beginning of the long holiday) and the last day of the working year for those taking a break between Christmas and New Year. There’s definitely a “schools out” feeling in the air – even if your school days were so long ago they’re a blur in the distance of your rear vision mirror.

Whatever it is you do, take a broadened perspective along with you – and leave preconceptions and judgement at home. You’ll get more enjoyment out of the day if you do.

Saturday 22/12/18

Venus trine Neptune

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Sun into Capricorn – Summer/Winter solstice

Given that the first of these 2 aspects are exact just half an hour apart I’ll deal with them together.

Right, remember how I told you about Mercury in Sagittarius the other day? If you don’t the link is here. In short it’s about blue sky thinking, about how anything is possible. 

Jupiter, as we know, makes everything he touches bigger – he’s prone to a little exaggeration – more than a little when he’s in his home sign of Sagittarius. Therefore when Mercury in Sagittarius meets up with Jupiter in Sagittarius you can take all of that pie in the sky, how hard can it be, silver-lining, nothing’s impossible ideas and multiply it by about a million. Okay, so now it’s my turn to exaggerate.

At the same time as this is going on Venus is connecting with Neptune in a creative watery trine. This isn’t a great transit for real world activities – it is, however, a good one for fantasy, daydreaming, using your imagination and allowing reality to drift away for a few hours. 

We have friends who have just returned back to Australia after living overseas for a few years calling in to visit. The subjects of discussion will be wide-ranging, involve far away places, travel dreams of the future and probably – regardless of the hour – champagne. I don’t think I could think of a better use for that energy if I tried.

As for the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn? This marks the longest (or shortest) day of the year – depending on where in the world that you live. I’ll have more to say about that later in the week.

Sunday 23/12/18

Full Moon 0 Cancer 49’

Regardless of where this Full Moon falls in your chart, themes of work/life, career/family tend to pop up with this one. This is probably even more the case given that it’s not just happening at a potent degree ie 0, but also that it’s just a couple of days before Christmas.

In any case, I’ll have a post up closer to the date for this one.

Speaking of which, for some reason, not all of my posts aren’t automatically landing in my Facebook feed these days. Given that I’m a tad ambivalent about Facebook at the moment I haven’t been faffed to fix it. I do try and remember to jump on and copy the link across, but if you don’t want to miss a post, you’re probably better off following along by email. There’s a box at the bottom of the page where you can subscribe.

Have a great week!