Week Ahead

The Week Ahead…


So anyways, how was your week?

Here in Sydney, Spring has sprung. Being one of those climates that doesn’t tend to extremes other than those involving heat and humidity, it’s very much a case of blink and you’ll miss it.

The blossom trees are blossoming, but they’ve already started sprouting the leaves that will push the flowers away. The wisteria is out, but again, so are the leaves that will take over from that glorious purple.

The partition is its usual end of month/start of month chaotic self, and my back is still chronically bad by the end of each working day (especially if it’s been a day of meetings), so I’m really pushing my morning walks in an effort to strengthen it. Not only is it working, but watching nature wake grounds me in a way very little else does- and eases the anxiety that I start most working days with.

On the home-front, Miss 17 is heading into her last 2 weeks of school. Ever. She has graduation and formal in just a couple of weeks, two weeks of study vacation and then those final exams. In between, there are decisions to be made about earning or learning…or both…and university preferences to submit. It’s all happened a little too fast for me. I still see that oh so cute kid in the school uniform that reached down below her knees and the backpack that was nearly taller than her. I’ll never forget hiding my tears behind sunglasses as she beamed her way into that kindergarten room.

In between all of that, I’m heavily into structural edit mode on Big Girls Don’t Cry. I’m well on track for my end September deadline, and the suggestions that my editor has made are absolutely strengthening the story.

Over on and anyways, I posted something about Spring and triffid hunting; and something about the necessity of having a good, effective, and reliable back-up plan as we approach the next Mercury retrograde. Yes folks, Mercury stations retrograde in a little under 2 weeks.

Here on the astro page, the Tuesday Toolbox is slowly working through the different chart shapes, and the September horoscopes went up.

To the skies.

The biggie for this week is the New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 20 Virgo 10’…or thereabouts. It’s not until Sunday, so I’ll have something up before then, but if this is likely to impact you, you might want to check out what it means for you personally by ordering one of Big Sky Astrology’s Moonshadow reports. There’s a link in the sidebar on the website. In the interests of full disclosure, I get a small cut of the proceeds, but as I buy a report for myself most years, I can absolutely recommend these.


Wednesday and Thursday are relatively busy- astrologically speaking- with an energetic trine between Mars and Uranus, and a square between Mercury and Pluto.

Under the first of these, your restlessness could give you the courage to try something new. Under the second there’ll probably be people telling you why that isn’t such a good idea, and attempting to keep you in the box they’ve become used to you being in.

That’s ok. Although it’s easy to say that it’s their problem and not yours, an open mind, and wider perspective could allow you to move ahead without too many tears. The struggle, if there is one, will come when you hold on too hard to an idea or judgement.

What with editing, University Open Days and Father’s Day this weekend, I’m running a long way behind on scheduling posts. Hopefully there’ll be a Tuesday Toolbox up on, well, Tuesday. Hopefully it will be on bucket charts. Hopefully also, I’ll get around to sending out some interview questions to my next “star” in the Catching Stars series…and hopefully, I’ll get to see the bottom of the ironing basket.

Wishing you all a great week…