Week Ahead

The Week Ahead…

Illustration of Pisces astrological sign as a beautiful girl. Vector.

So anyways, how was your week?

As you probably know, I spent last weekend in Melbourne attending the Romance Writer’s Conference. Despite my concerns, I had a fabulous time and learnt heaps. It seemed appropriate that with the Virgo Sun in my 6th house, I was spending time honing my craft.

This Virgo theme was set right at the opening address when the keynote speaker said something about how as artists we create something that’s essentially imperfect. We have to show that imperfection to the world. In that vulnerability, acceptance of imperfection is courageous.

Speaking of which, that was the other takeaway from the opening addresses- the only surefire way to sell more books is to write a better one…and a better one after that…and after that.

I’m pondering that as I work through the structural edit for Big Girls Don’t Cry…and continue with the draft of the one after that.

Naturally, I didn’t spend my whole weekend in the gorgeous conference facilities of the Park Hyatt…I also found time to eat, drink, and walk miles. After all, I was in Melbourne. If you’re interested, I popped a few bits and pieces up on and anyways.

Ok, on the astro side, there was the usual Tuesday Toolbox, and a little something on Mercury in Libra.

There are still many of you out there who see the Full Moon making an exact aspect to personal planets, take a deep breath, and declare something like ‘OMG I’m getting a direct hit. What does it mean?’

What it doesn’t mean is that something bad will necessarily happen. It mightn’t even mean that something at all will happen. What it will probably mean is that something will culminate, end, become clear, or an insight will be reached. This became very obvious when I looked back at last years Pisces Full Moon- which was exactly on my Ascendant. The insight I had then was about self-publishing. This year the Full Moon is exactly on my Mercury. I’m listening. It’s not too late for you to listen either to whatever it is that you need to hear right now.

To the skies…

First up on Tuesday, we have the Sun opposite Neptune. The textbooks will tell you that this is likely to be a day of confusion, deception, low personal energies and general feelings of demoralisation. Hmmmmm. There could be some of that. There could also be an element of self-martyrdom, blame-storming and woe is me-ing. You know the thing: ‘why does this always happen to me?’

In many ways, this one is a repetition of the themes of the Full Moon. It can also be a time of putting your imagination to good use. And, with Venus and Mars hooked up over in Leo receiving helpful creative energy from the Moon in Aries, you could be less likely to play the victim than the textbooks say that you will under a Sun-Neptune opposition.

Astrologically, things are relatively quiet until Sunday when the Sun and Pluto meet up in a supportive trine. This can be a helpful, albeit brief, transit- especially if you’re prepared to take a good and honest look inside, and if you’re prepared to do something about whatever it was you saw when you took that good and honest look inside.

Also on Sunday, Venus turns direct. If you’ve been holding off doing anything Venusian eg getting that tattoo, booking that cosmetic surgery, launching that radical new look…you know the drill…you no longer have an excuse for the holding off part. Naturally, that doesn’t mean that doing any of these things is necessarily a great idea…but I’ll leave that part up to you!

Have a great week.