The week ahead…


So anyways, I’m writing this from the past- a week in the past…to be exactish. In fact, it’s last Saturday afternoon. You see, at the time that this post goes live, I should be getting ready for my final day at the RWA Conference. If you missed last weeks week ahead, that’s the Romance Writers of Australia Conference.

If all has gone to plan, I will have already been in sessions targeting blurb writing, romantic comedy writing, writing from a male point of view, and writing sex scenes. Yes, they’re tough to write (she says, blushing…). I will have also looked at deep editing and maybe a few other things besides.

I will have been presented with my first sale ribbon thingy (for Baby, It’s You), managed to walk into a cocktail party where I knew no one (I made a confession about facing my fears in this regard over on and anyways the other day), and hopefully got to know some other writers from the very supportive romance writing community. With luck and good management, I should have found something vaguely dress like to wear to the cocktail party, and will have been wise enough to not get caught on film dong anything embarrassing.

But none of that has happened yet.

If all has gone to plan during the week, there’d also be something up on and anyways about the structural edit I got back for Big Girls Don’t Cry, and maybe even a Friday Five running through the week that was…or perhaps something about Melbourne. Who knows- it hasn’t happened yet.

On the astro blog, there’s been a Tuesday Toolbox, and something I prepared earlier on Virgo…which segues neatly into my biggie for this week: the Sun moves into Virgo later tonight.

Other than that, we have a relatively quiet week- major aspect wise.

Things get a little interesting on Thursday when Mercury forms an opportunistic sextile to Saturn. Sextiles are all about possibilities- but between two negative signs (Scorpio and Virgo) you’ll need to go looking for them. Open the doors…or not…your call. You’ll notice the things that are wrong, but you should also have the perspective to, well, keep it in perspective. It sort of does make sense.

Your criticality will already be heightened by a conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter meaning that this combo could, of course, go another way- into the Virgo shadow. It’s up to you whether you dwell longer on the imperfections than the possibilities.

What else?

Mercury moves into Libra on Friday (yep, I have something scheduled) and we have ourselves a Full Moon at 6 Pisces 6’. Given that this is almost exactly on my natal Mercury (an I mean almost exactly), I’ll be definitely paying a more than a reasonable amount of attention to it.

Have a great week!