The week ahead…

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So anyways, it’s been one of those weeks. I’ve spent most of it in pain- back pain. It’s something that I’ve struggled with on and off for most of my life- it’s a structural thing that has to do with my spine not being as straight as it could be- a couple of horse falls in my youth, and various other bits and pieces that aren’t important.

What is important is that normally I keep it in good shape with exercise, stretching and regular visits to a very good chiropractor. It helps keep me upright, pain-free and mobile. Just lately, though, I’ve been skipping my walks, my training, my stretching and my chiropractor. I’ve felt as though I’ve lost my support and my structural base.

Interestingly, the last time I was this sore was this time last year. Astrologically, this is about Saturn. Saturn in the body represents the spine, the skin, hair, nails and other supporting and protective structures. Saturn in my chart is in the 1st house, so most Saturn transits start in the body for me. It’s a reminder that I’m not looking after myself as well or as diligently as I should be. Last year the Saturn station direct was trine my Ascendant, this year it’s trine the Moon. The result seems the same- as if my back is barely holding itself up- teetering.

Ok, the week that’s been… It’s been a busy one in the partition- end of month, you see. Thankfully I’d been busy scheduling posts all last weekend or nothing would have gone up on either site.

On the astro site was something on Uranus turning retrograde, something on Saturn turning direct, something about the Full Moon in Aquarius and something about the books I kept. Speaking of which- thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. Aside from those of you who are picking up, everything else has been sent. Thank you all.

Oh, the usual Tuesday Toolbox was also up. We’re just a few weeks away from coming to the end of the first part of this trip around the chart. By the end of it, you should have an idea about how you approach much of life- without having yet considered the planets and how they talk to each other.

Because this has been in bite-size chunks, I’m working on putting it together- with extra material- into an ebook format…which I’ll then offer for sale.

In the other part of my outside the partition life, I did a final run through of my new fiction manuscript Big Girls Don’t Cry. That’s been sent off to my editor for her to do the structural thing she does.

On and anyways, I popped up a confessional linky thing on rules, and something about what makes me happy for this weeks Friday Five. Spoiler alert- there are more than five things on my list.

Coming up in the sky?

I’m glad you asked- there’s a whole week of action- with most planets getting a look-in.

First up on Monday is Mercury trine Uranus. This is both a stimulating aspect, and one that could just help you take that bright idea to the next level- or solve that problem that’s been annoying you for ages.

With Jupiter square Saturn, it’s not all plain sailing. Whenever there’s a square, there are challenges, and whenever Saturn is involved, there’s work to be done, and potentially difficult decisions to be made. Although you might be feeling restless and impatient, try and rein that in a tad.

Venus has her second hook-up of the year with Jupiter on Wednesday. We spoke a bit about this last time. What happens when the two traditionally nicest planets meet? Who knows…much of it depends on your outlook. I’m hoping for a good hair day- at the very least.

Saturn is kept busy on Thursday and Friday with a square from Venus, a trine from Mars and a square from Mercury. Mercury joins forces with Venus sometime in the middle of all of this, and with Jupiter on Friday as well.

My take? You can’t always get what you want. Unless you want it really badly- in which case you need to be prepared to articulate it and go after it. So ask yourself- do you feel lucky?

Aside from Mercury trine Uranus, all of this action is taking place within just a couple of degrees of the zodiac- 28,29 to be exactish. If you have planets or chart points in the last 3 degrees of Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius or Taurus, you’ll probably know about it this week. And, by know about it, I don’t mean it will all be bad in a woe is me way. Look beyond the square to the message you’re being sent.

On Saturday, Mercury moves into Virgo, and on Sunday Mars saunters into Leo.

Yes, indeedy do, it’s a busy one in the skies.

Have a great week, and don’t forget to drop by for Tuesday Toolbox on, well, Tuesday.