Daily Planets

The week ahead: 11/3/19 – 17/3/19

Cathedral Cove, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

Officially I’m now on holidays for 9 beautiful days – that’s 7 fabulous work days. Although as I say that it’s Saturday afternoon, I leave tomorrow morning for the airport at 4 am and I’ve just redone the weekly newsletter for the day job. Yes, re-done.

To be honest, I’ve been redoing quite a bit over the last few days – this particular retrograde is proving to be quite the doozy. Although I remind myself, it’s not Mercury’s fault that I’m rushing around like a blue arsed fly – that’s all my own doing and that’s why my re-work is higher than it normally would be. I’m simply not concentrating.

And now, at 6 pm on a Saturday evening, I still haven’t even thought about packing. Given that I’m attending a theme party next Saturday night and have to have all my bits and pieces in my suitcase that’s not an ideal situation. Plus I can’t find my travel card and that should always be put away in the same place with the passports. Heavy sighs. In any case if I forget anything this trip I certainly can’t be blaming Mercury for it.

Where am I off to? The pic at the top of the post should give it away – New Zealand. If you’re so inclined you can keep up with my pics on my personal Instagram account @jotracey. Speaking of Instagram I’ve resurrected my @jotraceyastrology account mainly so I can post links to blog posts. Facebook is proving to be very unreliable and, to be honest, I far prefer Instagram as social media.

Okay, to the skies.

First up it’s my solar return tomorrow – a day before my actual birthday which is Tuesday. This will be only the 2nd time in my life that I’ve been somewhere other than my birthplace – or close to it – on my birthday. The last time was the year I was 25 and we went to Singapore. Anyways, if I get a chance on the flight and there’s room between my seat and the seat in front of me to open my laptop I’ll write something about it.

On Monday is lovely, do something about your dreams sextile between Mars and Neptune, but Thursday is when most of the sky-bound action takes place.

On that day we have 3 key aspects:

Sun sextile Pluto. Sun sextile Pluto provides opportunities to get ahead but not in huge so you’d notice sort of ways, more like sweeping the road to clear away the bumps on it.

It’s like on an episode of Shetland I was watching the other day when I should have been writing. A local couple were married in the island church and after the ceremony the whole population walked with them to the hall where they’d have their wedding party. The youngest relative of the bride and the youngest relative of the groom walked ahead, sweeping the way.

Today could be a little like that – but not on an island in Shetland, and not after a wedding, and…you get the idea.

Today is abut small changes – tweaks, if you like – that make things easier when those bigger changes and opportunities come along.

Cleaning your desk could be the start you need.

Sun square Jupiter. This is one of those aspects where even if you feel as though you’ve bitten off more than you can chew – and, let’s face it, you probably have – the potential is there for you achieve stuff that you mightn’t have thought possible.

The fine print? If you do meet with opposition or obstruction do try and see their point of view as well – both the Sun and Jupiter are generous by nature and a little of that goes a long way.

Mars trine Saturn. Mars trine Saturn is normally one of those all too brief transits that let you get on with the business of getting on. You know – when you’ve got something that needs to be done and you can find a million excuses to put off doing it, and along comes Mars trine Saturn. That sort of thing.

Moving along to Friday we have Sun conjunct Mercury which, as we all know, has a fancy technical name: Cazimi. Mercury and the Sun join in a golden glow of uber understanding and concentration. Normally it’s a very, very good place for Mercury to be…however briefly. It can bring with it a blinding flash of seriously, just how clever am I? Notice I said “normally”? Mercury, however, is in about as bad a position as he can get – in Pisces and retrograde. Maybe for that short period of time we’ll lose the fog around our head and I’ll remember where I left my travel card.

On Saturday I’ll be popping my glad rags on 60s style and Mercury will be square Jupiter and also sextile Pluto.

We’re constantly told to live in the moment. I get that. If I’m being honest, I’d admit to wishing that I “got” it more. The thing is, there are times where we need to think about the future, plan for the future, have an idea about how you want the future to look. Otherwise, how do you know where you’re headed? And yes, I’m aware that the proponents of now-ism would say it doesn’t matter, you don’t need to know. Well you know what? I’m ok for my plans to change along the path as life in all of its multi-textured splendour gets in the way of every well-laid plan, but I like for there to be something there to deviate from in the first place. Know what I mean?

It’s like leaving it until the last minute to realise you’ve outgrown your house and you have no financial plans in place to rectify it. It’s like when town planners release heaps of new lots of land or houses without considering the infrastructure required to deal with all the extra cars, or schools or shops. Oh right, that’s probably not a great example…but you get the idea.

Even if it’s just a bucket list or a dream destinations list – although these are probably more fitting to Pisces or Neptune contacts – this transit is a great one for long- range forecasting or modelling. Think bigger, wider, broader, but take care to remain flexible in your approach and your ideas. What else? Avoid being preachy and refusing to consider the viewpoints of others; don’t forget to stop and consider the finer details; and finally, stay optimistic, but not recklessly so. I’m sure you know what I mean about that.

Okay, that’s your week…have a great one!