The week ahead…


So anyways, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d be aware that I’m in a bit of a purging mood.

I’ve been listing my astrology books over the week, and have now got my shelf down to a more manageable size.

I spent yesterday afternoon getting all the filing up to date and destroying paperwork that needed to be destroyed. You know the type of thing- tax returns more than 7 years old, receipts past their warranty etc. As a result, my office is looking a little more organised, but there’s more to do today. I should be painting, but…

Next on my list is all my fiction books- I have piles of them. I’d love to give them away too, so if anyone has any ideas of places who take books- preferably in North West Sydney (I don’t have time to spend all day in a car), please let me know.

What else?

I’m seriously considering my Facebook involvement. This is nothing new- I’ve been a bit if-ish with FB for a while now. I was tempted to delete my personal page a while back, but wasn’t ready to let go of the astro page, or some of the forums for writers that I’m involved in.

I’ve left it open, but don’t go on much. I’m probably more often on instagram and twitter.

Just lately I’ve been wondering about the FB astro page too. Even though I have about 3800 followers (or thereabouts) often my posts reach just a few hundred.

I’ve been experimenting for the past week or so with not automatically popping the link up on the Facebook astro page- to see if that makes a difference. It hasn’t. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation at all between if I auto link it or pop the link up later in the day. I’ll give it a little longer & see how it goes.

Ok, over on and anyways, I made a confession (of sorts) about my fantasy job, told you a little about some long overdue blood tests (too much information, yes, I know) and wandered through the local Farmers Market.

To the skies…where there’s not a lot happening.

Uranus is about to turn retrograde (there’s a post scheduled for later this afternoon on that one), Venus will head back into Leo next Saturday, and Saturn will be direct next Sunday.

In between that is an Aquarius Full Moon on Friday that I’ll pop something up on. This one is all about the individual and the collective…

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, and don’t forget to have a little browse through my virtual bookshelves.