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The Style Files- Venus in Aquarius

Friday is ruled by Venus, so I figure, let’s make Fridays about Venus things? My version of TGIF.

St Kilda Esplanade Market. Pic by me.
St Kilda Esplanade Market. Pic by me.

Five Foot Nothing surfaced out of her room late last Sunday morning. As usual she looked a picture…a rather abstract picture. Her outfit consisted of a pair of sunflower print boxer style pyjama shorts, long mismatched striped socks that I bought in New York last year, and the piece de resistance, a Bintang beer singlet top I bought back from Bali. The only thing missing was ugg boots.

Strangely, whilst none of it worked together, on her it was perfect. Five Foot Nothing has Venus in Aquarius. And, with Uranus conjunct Venus, her style is doubly Aquarian…something which will, no doubt, cause my husband some amount of angst over the years- “you’re letting her go out in that?”

My Mum, an Aquarius Venus, had a way of making clay splattered paint shirts with gumboots look right, and still rocks jeans with riding boots in a way that would look ridiculous on anyone else. Seriously, no one but my mother could get away with a t-shirt decorated in bling with the slogan “London, Paris, New York, Tumbarumba”…best not to ask.

I went to school with someone very similar. I will always remember the night she wore a skirt made out of the afternoon paper to a school dance, topped off with knee high black boots and a vintage tartan jacket- back before the phrase “vintage” was invented. I wrote about her style in Breaking Free.  

The big thing I recall about Jacinta all those years ago, was how much she resented anyone trying to follow her. For most people, imitation is a compliment of sorts, for Venus in Aquarius it can be just plain annoying & an indication that your individual style has become mainstream. She was always on the lookout for the next offbeat band, the next rebellious style. Looking back it was like she was trying too hard to be different as if her difference would give her a credibility that any sort of conformity would not.

Shopfront in Melbourne. Pic by me.
Shopfront in Melbourne. Pic by me.

More recently an (now ex) acquaintance with Venus in Aquarius showed similar traits. Whilst her & I never really got on & operated in an environment of mutual envy (there was a Moon/Pluto thing going on), I admired the way she could put outfits together that simply shouldn’t have worked. At times, though, there was almost a try hard element at work. It was almost as though she was trying to reduce the essence of her more conforming Capricorn Sun by projecting a style that made a completely different sort of statement.

I recall one time she had a bag which she had bought at a Melbourne market. When she noticed I had one by the same designer at home her version of the bag never came out to play again. My having discovered the designer first removed all interest she had in the bag…which was actually nicer than my one. Oh well…

Gertrude St, Fitzroy
Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Which brings me to another important point about Venus in Aquarius, open-mindedness. Whilst she is open minded about style and always looking for the next new thing, she can also be found stubbornly fixed to something which was cutting edge 20 years ago. Having said that, Venus in Aquarius doesn’t attach easily, and tends not to commit herself to one specific designer.

Venus/Uranus contacts in the chart tell a similar style story. Whilst Venus has her own style, if there is a close Uranus contact, an Aquarian flavour will overlay it. This is especially true of the Venus/Uranus conjunction. Venus/Uranus trines will incorporate elements of the energy with little effort, but the more challenging aspects- the squares, oppositions & inconjuncts- represent more of a struggle. It is in these that Uranus may duke it out with Venus for supremacy, resulting in a style which is either inconsistent, a little janky or rebellious for the sake of being rebellious. It doesn’t quite fit.

When Uranus is incorporated seamlessly we find little touches of brilliance- the Capricorn Venus in business wear in a skirt cut by a fabulous new designer, the Pisces Venus with crystals turned into amazing accessories, the Scorpio Venus with shots of leather through a wool jacket.

Venus in Aquarius likes to be different, to be individual. Her style is authentic to herself, and what is important is that she is free to express her style as she wishes. That may be through finding the latest designer at a local art market, or discovering vintage before anyone else, or even mixing striped socks with a tourist T-shirt.

All of which leads me back to Five Foot Nothing. With her Capricorn Ascendant and all those Aries planets, her quirky style is likely to be tempered by a need to be able to move freely (Aries) and little fuss & value for money (Capricorn Ascendant)- quite frankly she can’t really be faffed with the whole fashion thing… More importantly, she doesn’t (yet) feel the need to follow the pack or give into pressure to do so. She is happy shopping with her friends, but she is also happy not to be influenced by them.

She doesn’t jump on the bandwagon of the latest pop heart-throb (thankfully we are not subject to the same Justin Bieber mania as some other households), and was firmly in Camp Jacob while her friends were more Camp Edward (seriously Mum, the Dog Boys don’t have as many eating disorders & have much better abs…). At the end of the day, that is true individuality…and that is what Venus in Aquarius is all about.

Pic by me
Pic by me

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I love this. <<>> you hit the nail on the head again with this post!!! I am a Capricorn with Venus in Aquarius. I love classic, stylish things but I always have to add my special touch. I love to turn heads and yes, if I see someone else with my same something…you’ll NEVER see it again. I just find that I don’t like it anymore. The only exception to that would be my Uggs and I had to think long and hard to come up with that exception. My favorite designers are Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein as its almost a given I will like one of their pieces. My favorite store is the Gap. Yet somehow, I am always one in 8 million (I live in NYC). Maybe its the sun in capricorn but I don’t really like weird or quirky clothes and shoes, the kind of stuff Lady Gaga wears or Betsey Johnson designs which most people would associate with Venus in Aquarius. The “t-shirt decorated in bling with the slogan “London, Paris, New York, Tumbarumba” on the other hand sounds like a must have ; )!!!

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