The Stars and the Sun Dance to Your Drum and Now its Pandemonium

(Aries- Symbalon cards)
(Aries- Symbalon cards)


Astrologers’ attitudes to Sun signs are a little like parents who have a heap of kids- you love them all and even though you know that you shouldn’t, you do have your favourites. Just like parents, there are days where you would sell certain ones for the price of a cupcake. We clash with those who are either most like us or are so different that we can’t understand them. Then there is always the one who is so exasperating and so annoying and so frustrating and yet so goddamn irresistible that we can’t help but lavish a little extra attention.

For me, this is always Aries. I make no apology. I have Venus in Aries so Aries type things and Aries type people make me feel good and excited and alive- which is lucky as I am surrounded by Rams. My daughter has 4 Aries planets (including a 4th house Sun) and my 6ft whatever baby brudda and absolute bestest male friend are both 1st house Aries Sun & Mars. This post is especially for my favourite Rams, with my love- you know who you are- as chaotic, exhausting and addictive as you are.

I love you really, though I know no-one believes me,
there’s chaos every time we meet

For Aries winning, being first, leading the pack is not a preferred option, it is a birthright, a destiny almost. Aries is about life force, will, courage and an absolute desire to achieve- at all costs. With this will come independence, assurance and unapologetic selfishness.  The biggest challenge for Aries is to learn to pick which battles he really wants to fight, to learn what can and what can’t be controlled or changed.

Oh no, look what you’ve gone and done
you’re creating pandemonium

Aries will blaze trails, fight fires and accept dares. In doing so, the Ram is a stress magnet and manages to create crises in order to solve them and prove his courage. Sometimes it is as if he is whirling from challenge to challenge simply for the sake of perpetual motion. As such, “burn out” is the most common health problem for Aries- when your body just says it has had enough.

Similarly, Aries can be quite accident prone- again because of carelessness as a result of physical exhaustion or fearlessness. Aries Rising, in particular, will carry scars from previous battles, mishaps or tree climbing incidents, or- as in the case of my Aries Rising brudda & Aries Rising (Capricorn) sister- train throwing, toy gun throwing or bike/clothesline collisions. As the Ram usually charges head first, horns down, most scars will be around the head.

You’re crashing everywhere, it’s like you’re smashing china,
skidding on an icy road.
You’re major trouble since you were almost a minor-
I sometimes think we’ll both explode.

At the other end of the spectrum, Aries can easily become depressed or ill when he feels that he doesn’t have a challenge or has lost “himself” in the service or responsibility of others. Aries can also have health issues when fear replaces courage. In order to keep the flame burning, Aries does have to keep moving. A bored Aries will pick a fight or create a crisis just for the sake of having a fire to fight. A fearful Aries will hide behind excuses and coulda woulda shouldas.

If we both just stopped for a minute
I declare war and then you’d win it

Aries loves impetuously, completely and quickly, but needs challenge and movement to keep the fire alive. For Aries of both sexes, the hunt is the most exciting part of the game. Space and personal freedom is also important for both sexes to stay healthy and creative. Aries will respond to confinement and loss of independence and purpose with chronic poor health.

The first man who ever broke my heart was an Aries. I fell completely for his impulsive, impetuous, energetic and completely whole hearted pursuit. I believed every line he spun and every us together forever dream he shared. He chased so hard and was so totally there and unable to be ignored that when the passion of the hunt moved to another I couldn’t quite believe it. Whilst he certainly took a lot of getting over, at 21, it was all as it should have been.

The Aries man has an almost domineering sex appeal- you can’t help but notice or be affected by his presence- especially if Mars is also in Aries. He will usually be body conscious, works to maintain his fitness and has, shall we say, huge amounts of energy. He will encourage you to look after yourself as well and will make an excellent training partner. He will sweep you off your feet, and will pop you up on a pedestal and blame you if you fall off. He will take charge, solve your problems and inject you with some of his enthusiasm. He can be tactless, honest, incredibly competitive and totally irresistible.

That song you sing means everything
to me, I’m living in ecstasy.
My world’s gone mad, what did you do?

He will need space to move and will run a mile if he feels that he needs you too much or if he feels you are trying to control him. The only way to keep an Aries man is on a very long leash and with him believing that he is not in any way dependent on you for anything. He has to win, likes to think your world revolves around him and will want to know that he is the best you have ever had… and, if you can handle the pace, he very well may be! Challenge, mutual discovery and the occasional battle of wills (followed by make- up sex) will keep his interest. Although he wants to win, he wants the outcome to be worth the effort and is suspicious and bored with easy victories.

The Aries woman is independent, self assured and direct. She will say what she thinks and is prepared to suffer the consequences. She knows what and who she wants and can’t be faffed waiting for him to make the first move. She doesn’t play games and will tellyou clearly what she needs. She has energy to burn and will fight for her man and her children. She will, however, suffer if locked in a relationship where her own needs are secondary to those of others. This is not a woman who thrives in a boring or unchanging relationship.

She will push to achieve in the workplace, as long as she can withstand external pressures of what and who she should be. In such instances fear can overshadow courage. Even if not in the workplace she needs external meaningful interests and causes or battles to fight. The Aries woman can look after herself and needs a man who appreciates her strength and who is prepared to give her personal and creative freedom. Without this, resentment will breed and despondency and ill health will follow.

Is this a riot or are you just pleased to see me?
Why aren’t we holding hands and talking sweets?

The Sun is said to be exalted, or exaggerated in Aries. The Sun is dramatic and creative in “look at me, all about me” Leo, but in Aries it is pioneering, adventurous and very much “this is my life”. Aries takes the energy of the Sun and turns it into something amazing. Embrace this, and act- don’t just think about it or talk about it… get out there and do it. No regrets, no excuses.

The stars and the sun dance to your drum
and now it’s pandemonium!



Lyrics from “Pandemonium” by the Pet Shop Boys. See the video on YouTube.


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