Ruler: Mercury

Exalted: Mercury

Detriment: Jupiter

Fall: Venus

Polarity: Feminine/ Negative

Modality: Mutable

Element: Earth

Body Parts: Small intestines, abdomen, pancreas…plus other functions controlling digestion and absorption of nutrients

Nature: cold, dry, analytic

I wrote a post for my new author website the other day about copy edits and what to expect from one. It’s timely in that I’m doing a final pass of my manuscript before sending it off for copy edits next week.

In any case, what I wrote was:

the editor will go word-by-word, line-by-line, page-by-page through the manuscript,  looking critically for errors, issues, typos, clarity, repetition, cheesiness etc. As an example, at one point in Big Girls my leading lady, Abby, says something like ‘I had plenty of leave up my sleeve.’ Really Jo? Really? I’d completely missed it.

Then there’s the pacing and clarity thing- a tiny rearrangement of words can sometimes make a whole sentence read so much better. Occasionally, Nicola will suggest a change: ‘re-worded, edit ok?’ – at other times she’d leave a comment: ‘I think this sentence needs work.’ It’s about placing the words in the location and order where they will be of the most service.

As I typed, I had Virgo in mind. You see, the role of the processes in the body that are ruled by Virgo is to critically examine each nutrient and send it to where it will do the most good. It’s about being useful, and serviceable. It’s perhaps fitting that my editor has a prominent Virgo chart signature.

Anyways, here in Australia, the Sun moving into Virgo heralds the coming of Spring.

  • It’s when we start to shed the layers and realise just how many others sorts of layers have appeared since the t shirts and swimmers got packed away.
  • It’s when the garden has more triffids than anything remotely productive.
  • It’s when the dust bunnies seem to be more prolific.
  • It’s when we start saying things like “this house is a pigsty…the windows need cleaning…how long has it been since you vacuumed under that bed?… We really need to get the sparkie in to fix that light in the end room…I’m so over this clutter!”
  • It’s when we look at things with a more critical eye, with more discrimination…sometimes we even do something to make the flaws that we see better.
  • It’s when tiny typos become very obvious

Of course, in the North it’s that transition time that comes at the end of summer – it’s harvest time. Whatever the season, Virgo is, as all the Earth signs are, sensual, physical and textural.

The Pisces/Virgo axis is a busy one for me. On one side I have my ascendant, Sun and Moon. On the other Uranus and Pluto on my Descendant. I literally go from chaos to control to back again in 5 seconds flat. At this time of the year, I tend to look at myself through an eye that’s a little too critical. I start the “if only’s”- if only I weighed x, if only my knee felt better, if only I cleaned the house last week, if only I was in the garden more during the winter, if only I submitted that story before he did, if only I kept to my eating plan…

I start putting things off until other things are perfect- I’ll do the landscaping after I’ve done the weeds, this book needs another 2 revisions, this article isn’t quite right to pitch.

If I’m not careful I go right into Virgo shadow:

  • what’s the point in watching what I eat – I never get it exactly right
  • what’s the point in starting that running program again – I didn’t make it last time
  • what’s the point in submitting to that publication – they have so and so on their books and I’m not as good as him
  • what’s the point in clearing out the weeds – they’ll only grow back
  • what’s the point in washing the sliding doors – the dog’s nose will only be back on it tomorrow

That’s the point where Virgo criticality falls into Pisces chaos. It happens way too easily – and usually begins with the best of intentions. In an effort to make things as good as they can be, as close to perfect as it’s possible to be…nothing gets achieved and a downward spiral begins.

Have a look at where Virgo is in your chart – this is the area of life where you struggle with the idea of perfection and, in the process, lose sight of the beauty and texture that’s inherent in things that are less than perfect.

The challenge is always to look at the things that can be made better without trying to make them perfect, to recognise the texture and interest the bits that aren’t quite right provide. You know, fix what’s broken, tweak a habit here or there, but don’t go for the impossible – after all, it’s the imperfections that make us human and, I like to think, loveable just as we are.

It’s the acceptance of that which makes us just perfect…even if there are still a few weeds in the garden, a persistent dust bunny in the corner and an extra roll hanging over the jeans.

We all have Virgo somewhere in our chart. It’s in this part of life that are hard on ourselves, where we seek perfection, and where we might need a little fine-tuning of our habits.