Sun in Scorpio

Ruler: Mars, Pluto (modern ruler)

Exalted: Mars

Detriment: Venus

Fall: Moon

Polarity: Feminine/Negative

Modality: Fixed

Element: Water

Body Parts: functions necessary for the survival of the species ie reproduction, genetic coding, hormones, ovaries, testes, purification & elimination systems eg bowel, bladder, urethra, sweat, sinuses, colon, anus & internal & external genitalia

Nature: moist, cold, magnetic

There’s this scene in the movie Eat Pray Love where Liz is sitting in some ruins of old Rome.  The place is called the Augusteum. It’s far below the surface of the city. Apparently Augustus, Rome’s first true, great Emperor, built it to house his remains- it’s something they did back in old Rome.

Anyways, when the barbarians came they trashed the place- that’s the sort of thing that barbarians liked to do back in old Rome.

It’s quiet and it’s lonely- the city has grown up and around it over the centuries. Liz likens it to a precious wound- a heartbreak that you can’t let go of because it hurts too good.  She says that we hang onto the misery, the imperfection, because we’re afraid of the change, of things crumbling into ruins- even when they’re already broken.

Then she looked around this once remarkable place, now in ruins, now being used as a bathroom for homeless people, and marveled that amongst all the chaos it’s endured- it’s been burned, pillaged- yet found a way to build itself back up again.

The trap, she mused, is in getting attached to the way things are- even when they’re no longer any good- or doing you any good.

Ruin is a gift, ruin is the road to transformation. We must be prepared for endless waves of transformation- despite the fear of things not staying as they are. Through complete destruction comes transformation. The cycle continues.

This is the key message to Scorpio. Scorpio is elimination. Scorpio is death. Through death comes re-birth. Through elimination comes an opportunity for healing. By making room in your life, you allow something else to rush in. Scorpio is transformation…and as painful as it is, transformation is a gift.

Scorpio is the dark side. Her passions are volcanic, beginning deep below the surface. Scorpio seeks the ultimate truth, ultimate power and ultimate passion. Intense doesn’t begin to describe her. Wherever Scorpio falls in your chart is where these tendencies will be displayed. It is where your desires are pursued with absolute unflinching and completely direct focus.

Scorpio is that critical point between life and death where nothing else matters and everything comes down to the rawest and most honest truth- and nothing but the truth. And before I hear you say in your best Jack Nicholson voice “You can’t handle the truth.” Let me tell you, Scorpio can and will.

Think about fear… just for a minute. Go on… what are you really scared of? Is it death, dying, aging, crowds, rejection, heartbreak, feeling too much? Think about that fear, go to the root of it and below into the murky depths of your soul. Now you are seeing and feeling Scorpio. This is the place where our most basic fears and instincts live. This is the deepest and most intensely authentic part of you. But before you run away, this is also the area where you have the most potential to effect transformation.

It is this mix of intensity and transformational potential that makes us turn away from Scorpio, and indeed from the 8th house. It is this fear and the association with life, death and sex that also gives Scorpio, the most deeply darkly emotional of the water signs, a bad reputation. As with all signs, there is a positive and a shadow side to Scorpio, but often it is only the shadow cliché which we associate with Scorpio and which we hold to be true. This makes sense – Scorpio is so incredibly guarded and private that we may only see beneath the surface when a line is crossed.  Few other signs have the healing or transformational promise of Scorpio. Few other signs attach so completely and intensely.

Scorpio is well known for his penchant for obsession, compulsion and revenge. Scorpio is well known for his magnetism and sexual attraction. Scorpio is well known for his focused intension to a goal. Scorpio is also well known for his tendency to paranoia. This is all part of the defence mechanism.

No one can get to your soul, your heart or your truth as effectively as Scorpio.

Scorpio struggles with the fear that comes with these extremes- the fear of feeling too much, the fear of relinquishing control, and the fear of letting go. Above all these is the fear of letting someone in- to do so gives that person the power to hurt, and few signs hurt as deeply and as completely as Scorpio. Fear is a protection mechanism, fear is a defensive mechanism, and very often fear is a desire that you just don’t know how to handle.

For Scorpio, very often a pre-emptive strike represents, in her mind, the best possible defence.

If you have the Sun in Scorpio, you will be motivated to experience intense emotional connections- merging with someone else in a way that transcends the physical. It is this, and the fact that Scorpio rules the sexual organs and the organs of elimination in the body, that also gives rise to the cliché of Scorpio being the most sexual of signs. But sex for Scorpio is about more than physical release and pleasure. It is about la petite mort, the little death- the raw transformative experience that complete physical and emotional merging can bring.

It can, however, also be about the darker motivations of control, obsession and possession- Scorpio does not like to share and can guard that which is “his” with jealous paranoia. Feeling with the intensity of Scorpio is also to expose the soft inner core and to risk betrayal, abandonment and heartbreak.

Scorpio is, as a result, slow to trust and will not do so until all data has been gathered, examined and you have proven yourself and given yourself body and soul into his keeping. In return he will give himself- not something to be taken lightly.

In the meantime, it pays to listen carefully to your intuition. If Scorpio is interested in you, she will be subtle. The signals themselves are a test. Opening up is to risk rejection. Instead Scorpio needs you to prove your intentions and reciprocation by risking yourself first.

If you have planets in Scorpio, whatever is represented by those planets and that part of the chart will be where this plays out in your life.