The Power & The Passion: Full Moon in Scorpio

“I wish I’d never met you more than I could dare to let you go”

Jealousy, Pet Shop Boys

Full Moon 8 Scorpio, Wednesday 28 April, 2010 10.18pm (Sydney time).

Scorpio demands truth and honesty and will usually dig deeply to get at it. Only through emotional detoxing and the symbolic opening of the closet door can you fully confront fears and embrace whatever is to come.

The Full Moon is like a high beam exposing secrets and fears. With the Sun in the opposite sign Taurus, control and trust issues also come to the surface. Taurus is about retention and Scorpio elimination. Are you holding onto something that you no longer need? Maybe there is some truth lurking just beyond plain sight- something you know is there but simply don’t want to face. Under the Scopio Full Moon it is time to find it, deal with it, get rid of it, move on. If only it were that easy…

The other key words we associate with Scorpio are transformation, potency and power- in this annual face off between body and soul, anything is possible. Pluto (the modern ruler of Scorpio) at 5 Capricorn, forms supporting aspects to both the Sun in Taurus (trine) and Moon in Scorpio (sextile), so now is the time to look to your deepest and possibly scariest unexpressed desires… and yes, acknowledging what we want can be extremely scary…

With Mars squaring off from the other fixed sign, Leo, challenges are a given and will either push you to be your best or have you planting your feet in the mud in fixed resistance against what your ego is fighting but that you know in your soul to be true and that must happen.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun, but retrograde, so don’t be surprised if the effects of this Full Moon are delayed. Over in Pisces, Uranus and Jupiter are taking your anything is possible dreams right up to Saturn in hardworking Virgo who is making sure that we don’t forget about our responsibilities. Uranus and Saturn are exactly opposite each other today.

For the astro peeps- look at where 8 Scorpio falls in your chart for more clues. On a personal note, this Full Moon falls in my 8th house, on top of my South node and just a couple of degrees past my natal Mars in Scorpio. It also forms a supportive trine to my 12th house Mercury in Pisces. Given that transiting Pluto is currently sextile both Mercury and my Mars, the repetition of these themes and the natal pattern at this Full Moon Must Mean Something (caps intended).

Best go- I have some very scary unexpressed desires to find. I think I last saw them hidden in that dark corner behind my boundaries which were pushed somewhere behind those casks of wine…