The Power & the Passion- Pt2


On Grand Designs Australia the other night the story centred around the reconstruction of a very special house in Gippsland. Reconstruction because the house was completely destroyed in the Black Saturday Bushfires of January 2009- after having been completed for just 6 days. Yep, 6 days.

What was really special about this place and its owner/builder was the fact that rather than bulldozing what was left, he chose to recycle what he could to ensure that all the embodied energy of the house was retained. Panes of glass which amazingly withstood the incredible temperatures, warped steel- anything which could be salvaged was. The result was an amazing transformation of what had previously been ruined.

The owner understood that the damage was now part of the story of the house. Sure, changes were made. Fire protection was installed to ensure it could never happen again. The owner learned the lessons that needed to be learned, protected himself for the future, but bravely faced that future. As the ruins of the house were transformed, the owners’ healing process was able to begin.

This concept was one also explored in one of my favourite scenes in the movie Eat Pray Love where Liz was sitting in some ruins of old Rome and realised that no matter how badly things were ruined, new structures were able to be built up around them. Through complete destruction comes transformation.

This is the key message to Scorpio. Through death comes re-birth. Through elimination comes an opportunity for healing. By making room in your life, you allow something else to rush in.

Scorpio is the dark side. Her passions are volcanic, beginning deep below the surface. Scorpio seeks the ultimate truth, ultimate power and ultimate passion. Intense doesn’t begin to describe her. Wherever Scorpio falls in your chart is where these tendencies will be displayed.

Scorpio is that critical point between life and death where nothing else matters and everything comes down to the rawest and most honest truth- and nothing but the truth. And before I hear you say in your best Jack Nicholson voice “You can’t handle the truth.” Let me tell you, Scorpio can and will.

It is all too easy to dwell on the shadow side of Scorpio and all too easy to over-look the positives. Few other signs have the healing or transformational promise of Scorpio. Few other signs attach so completely and intensely. But then I am biased.

Scorpio is well known for his penchant for obsession, compulsion and revenge. Scorpio is well known for his magnetism and sexual attraction. Scorpio is well known for his focused intension to a goal.

No one can get to your soul, your heart or your truth as effectively as Scorpio.  Unfortunately, this can also mean that Scorpio has the potential to hurt and damage you should they choose to. Scorpio struggles with the fear that comes with these extremes- the fear of feeling too much, the fear of relinquishing control, and the fear of letting go.

If you have the Sun in Scorpio, you will be motivated to experience intense emotional connections- merging with someone else in a way which transcends the physical. It is this, and the fact that Scorpio rules the sexual organs and the organs of elimination in the body, that also gives rise to the cliché of Scorpio being the most sexual of signs. But sex for Scorpio is about more than physical release and pleasure. It is about la petite mort, the little death- the raw transformative experience that complete physical and emotional merging can bring.

It can, however, also be about the darker motivations of control, obsession and possession- Scorpio does not like to share and can guard that which is “his” with jealous paranoia. Feeling with the intensity of Scorpio is also to expose the soft inner core and to risk betrayal, abandonment and heartbreak. Scorpio is, as a result, slow to trust and will not do so until all data has been gathered, examined and you have proven yourself and given yourself body and soul into his keeping. In return he will give himself- not something to be taken lightly.

In the meantime, it pays to listen carefully to your intuition. If Scorpio is interested in you, she will be subtle. The signals themselves are a test. Opening up is to risk rejection. Instead Scorpio needs you to prove your intentions and reciprocation by risking yourself first.

If you have planets in Scorpio, whatever is represented by those planets will be where this plays out in your life. With plenty of Pisces planets, my intuition is pretty good, but with Mars in Scorpio in the 8th house natally, my Scorpio hubby and I circled each other for some time before we finally hooked up. I was reading his signals, he was reading mine, but I was not going to risk rejection by making the 1st move and nor was he. We only got together because a mutual friend arranged for us both to go to a movie with her and when she (deliberately) didn’t turn up we found ourselves on neutral ground. Neither of us had to make the 1st move.  Twenty years on, I guess I would have to say the risk was worth it!

Part of this post was reproduced from last years’ Scorpio post The World of the Scorpion.