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The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow…


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© Andrymorphy |

I am naively optimistic (some may say delusional), but this doesn’t stop me from:

  • Checking under the top of drink caps to check if I could be a winner
  • Wondering about the pot of gold at the end of each rainbow
  • Assuming that every cloud has a silver lining
  • Still being amazed that bad things continue to happen to good people
  • Assuming that people mean the things they say

To perpetuate this optimism (some may say delusions):

  • I don’t watch movies or TV shows or read books where anything happens to the kid or the dog
  • Same regarding anything with a known unhappy ending
  • Likewise books or movies with inspirational messages- they always make me cry & I spend a lot of time trying to avoid just that.

I also steadfastly refuse to believe that there are intrinsically “bad” planets or intrinsically “bad” transits. Shit happens, but sometimes under a so called good transit by a so called benefic planet. One of the most difficult 2 weeks in recent years was when Jupiter crossed my Midheaven. Conversely, the first few months when Pluto moved to square my natal Moon 4 years ago was emotionally one of the most exciting times…although granted, the brown stuff did hit the fan soon after…

The only exception I make to this rule is regarding Saturn. As far as I am concerned nothing good ever happens under a Saturn transit (see my post on Saturn & I Irreconcilable Differences). Many astrologers call Saturn transits “skinny transits”…I don’t even get those good bits. When Saturn was opposing my Pisces Sun & Moon in recent years, I have been fatter than ever before. (I hold out more hope for an upcoming opposition to Venus).

Despite their pain, Saturn transits are for me relatively straight forward to predict- they will always involve a mountain that I otherwise would have no interest in climbing, they will always involve a lesson of some description, they will always be a reminder of the structures that I don’t have right & they will always involve a general melancholy or depressive & negative viewpoint. When Saturn comes calling I stop looking under drink bottle caps.

Given that Saturn is in my 1st house, Saturn transits are usually accompanied by a joint, tooth or bone problem of varying pain & associated expense- all designed to remind me that I should have:

  • Remembered to floss more often
  • Kept all those chiropractor appointments
  • Not tried running on the crap ankle
  • Not used boxing as an alternative to anger management
  • Looked after my weight & boundaries

But not everyone has problems with Saturn. My theory is that I do have these issues because Saturn is unaspected (I only use same signs) in my chart & in the sign of his fall. In this regard, transits to & by Saturn throw a Saturn flavour on my chart which is missing natally. I have similar problems when the Moon is in Saturns’ sign (Capricorn or Aquarius). In contrast, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, The Sun & the Moon are all connected to each other natally, so part of their energy is in virtually every part of life for me.

So, just because I have problems with Saturn, should I assume that others have the same issues?

Call me Pollyanna, but one person’s Plutonic journey into hell may present an opportunity for complete transformation to someone else. One may suffer a physical loss, while the other may have a spiritual rebirth.

Likewise Uranian transits can be exciting and restless like falling in love. But they can also be frightening and unsettling and upset the very core of your existence.

Take my Jupiter Midheaven transit- I had to be presented with a crisis and a loss in order to see an opportunity…and I had to see that opportunity in order to understand what I needed at that point in time.

Ultimately what we do with transits is done out of free will & will be a reflection on the potential of our whole chart- & can therefore not ever be looked at in isolation as being good, bad or otherwise.

So, when I post about transits of particular planets, should I dwell on the more potentially challenging possibilities of that transit (as some may say, tell it like it is) or the potential growth that may come from that transit? I think both, but in reading comments on other sites, maybe I have a responsibility (another Saturn word) to warn a little more- the whole forewarned is forearmed theory. Which then raises a whole new set of questions- what do you do with that information?

When I look at the transits about to hit my chart, I look at the possibilities & the dates & generally do nothing. For no reason than despite being a control freak, I do work best & respond best under chaos & tend to unconsciously cultivate that. I thrive on resolution even when that resolution means major change- simply because something is happening. What if being forewarned & forearmed meant that the safe harbour was chosen rather than pushing the boat out in a storm towards something that could be really great? What if it means you ignore the potential cool stuff?

Me? I am convinced one day that I will find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…possibly after climbing a Saturn mountain to get there. For me, that is telling it like it is.