The Myth of Multi-tasking and Mercury Rx

A few months ago I posted a story on regarding multi-tasking- Just Another Corporate Myth? Mercury is currently retrograde, and at this time we need to be aware but not necessarily alarmed.

Mercury in Virgo is the ultimate multi-tasker- if indeed there is such a thing. But does this really mean that Mercury in Virgo gets more done than other signs or simply that she takes on too much in Virgo? Maybe this retrograde period is a time for us all to re-focus on what is really important.

While Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, the risk is in attempting to juggle too much and in so doing miss details which you may otherwise be across the top of. This is the environment in which the trickster does his best work. This is the environment in which mistakes are made, appointments missed, data is lost, communication is confused.

Mercury in Virgos greatest strength is her attention to detail, it can also be her greatest weakness. Virgo in general tends to take on more than what she should- partly because she wants to be of service, partly because she wants it done right and partly because she believes that she is the only one who can do it right. In order to apply her level of detail to everything, she often works twice or 3 times as long and as hard as everyone else does- often at the cost of her own health and welfare.

This retrograde is happening in Virgo, so health issues may well raise their nasty little heads during the next few weeks. That makes this a great time to put the “re” prefix in front of all your healthy (or not so healthy) habits. Review, revise, re-configure, re-program.

No matter how much you think you have to do, prioritise your tasks and focus on one thing at a time. I know you think that this isn’t possible, but if you realistically look at your expectations and those of others, you may find out that there is a gap between just how much you really have to do vs how much you feel that you should do. And that gap could be in your favour.

As I write this I am watching Thursday nights episode of Rush (an Aussie police drama set in Melbourne). The screen is reduced to take up half of my screen, with this document on the other half. Am I genuinely multi-tasking as I do this? Not a chance. Sure I am vaguely registering how good Snr Sergeant Lawson Blake’s bum looks in that tactical response uniform, but I can’t say that my focus is genuinely split in 2 directions. It isn’t possible.

One snippet I read recently on the whole multi-tasking discussion argued that multi-tasking more effectively involves thinking before acting, and really shows more of an ability to manage time, acknowledge distractions for what they are, but re-focus on the task at hand before moving on.  

So during this retrograde, how about we re-focus our attitude towards multiple tasks, re-prioritise what is important and learn to live with this re-ality. Worth thinking about?