The Morning of the Earth- Taurus Full Moon


I was trawling through the website this morning looking for some inspiration for my Taurus Full Moon post when I found one I’d written back in 2013.

In it I wrote about how the work of the past couple of years was starting to bear fruit. I wrote about feeling content- a word that I’m not normally comfortable with:

I feel more content, serene, grateful and whole that I can every remember feeling. Yet, I don’t have any of the things that I used to think that I needed- the fancy job title, the big bucks that came with it, the eternal busyness and external sense of purpose.

More importantly, what I’m beginning to feel is confidence in self-resourcing. My deadlines, my outcomes, my income- all of it depends now on me…and that’s ok too.

It’s nearly two years since I was retrenched from the partition job and made the decision to go it alone. My life today is substantially stripped back from what it was then, but my fears about there being “enough” have been unfounded. The structures that had been built before are holding firm.

Fast forward two years and that contentment and serenity is gone. It’s neither good nor bad- for now I think things are the way that they need to be. For now. I’m struggling to feel grounded. It’s as if everything is about action, reaction, strategy, spin, schedules, head-stuff.

It’s why I’m preferring to walk these days than get my exercise in a gym- somehow it feels as though it’s the only part of my day where I feel connected to the earth, to nature, to purpose. In many ways, that hour- between 5.45am and 6.45am- is the absolute best part of my day.

I take my phone with me, but it’s on silent. I don’t listen to music or podcasts. I try to quiet the noise in my head- even if it’s just for that hour. Instead I listen to the birds as they wake up- first the Koel bird, then the kookaburras, mynahs and magpies. Then there’s the chatter of the lorikeets as they swarm on the bottlebrush and native flowers, and finally the squadrons of cockatoos.

I smell the jasmine, the eucalypts, the gumtrees and the sweetness of the honeysuckle. I watch the sun rise, see that point where it first hits the trees, comes sneaking through the gaps, changing its position as the days get longer and the mornings get earlier.

For that hour a day while I’m out walking, I can feel like I felt two years ago- connected and content.

The Taurus-Scorpio axis is about attachment, it’s about resourcing, it’s about accumulation, it’s about letting go and paring back. It’s about contentment, it’s about depth, it’s about the concept of enough. It’s about growth and regrowth, fears and holding on. It’s about sex and it’s about sensuality. It’s texture and intensity.

Full Moons are about realisation, culmination and illumination, so the Full Moon in Taurus is your cue to check in on these concepts in your life. Where do you need to slow down, stop to smell the roses…pause to even notice the roses? Where are you holding onto fears, habits, things, people that are no longer doing you any good? Is holding on holding you back? What about resourcing? Are you accumulating in order to feel safer and more secure, to guard against fears that actually need facing? Are you guarding these layers to ensure that no one can see the real you?

Wherever 3 Taurus 44’ is will be where you need to address these issues and ask yourself these questions. It’s also where you need some grounding, some quiet time, the opportunity to be aware of your body and its relationship to the earth.

Doing it for yourself…

By now you should know the drill. If not, check in on this post.

Taurus looks like this:


Find where 3 Taurus 44′ is in your chart. Is there anything between 1-6 Taurus? What about 1-6 Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius? Or 1-6 Pisces, Cancer, Virgo or Capricorn?

This Full Moon is exactly opposite my natal Mars. Yep, another one to the degree.


I suspect there’ll be more than the usual amount of intensity associated with it.

Whatever this one is about will have it’s origins in 1st house (Moon) and 8th house (Mars) matters. Me, our money, taxes, the basic stuff of life.

The Moon is transiting the 2nd house, so all the action, so to speak, will be around possessions, money, finances, resources, and how I emotionally attach to these things.

The outcome will, as always for me, be in relation to 5th house matters- emotional security, the things I take risks on. This time around, it will also have outcomes in the 2nd and 9th houses- the houses ruled by Mars in my chart.

The aspect that’s involved here is an opposition, so there’s also something that I need to reconcile or come to terms with…or at least find some sort of happy medium in. Naturally, this could also manifest as me feeling that someone is doing something to me, forcing me to take action or make a decision.

There’s a secondary transit involved for me in this one as well, with the Sun conjunct natal Mars. The picture is a similar one- the Sun is also natally in the 1st. In this case though, there’s also a lot happening in the 8th, and there’s an outcome in 6th house stuff as well.

I normally wouldn’t think too much about this one- other than recognising that it should be a shot of vitality- but when it’s coupled with a Full Moon, it’s worth taking a little notice of.

As per usual, I’ve made up some little stories around what could be happening at present, and how this all fits into the current themes of my life. Why not try doing the same with yours?

Remember, the stuff that’s “happening” could be happening within you as opposed to you. Nor does it follow that if, like me, you’re getting a direct “hit” that it’s necessarily a bad thing…it is what it is and what it will be- as it’s meant to be.

The Full Moon is at 3 Taurus 44’ at 11.06pm 27th October- Sydney time…