The Month Ahead: May…

Petone Beach, Wellington
Petone Beach, Wellington

I’m madly scheduling posts ahead for May, so I’ll keep this update short and sweet.

Ok, how was April?

My novel has come back from the editor, so is now ready to start being re-written. I’m also writing all the extra bonus bits for the Toolbox ebook. I’ll tell you more about the progress of that in June.

In between freelance assignments and corporate busyness, I spent a fabulously relaxing long weekend over in Wellington, New Zealand. I’d kept the detail of what had been going on in my life fairly quiet from most people, so took the opportunity to do the unburdening thing with one of my besties. There was also much eating and drinking. My liver may have suffered, but my heart certainly felt lighter.

Some of the chaos of the last few months began to smooth itself out during April. Hubby effectively finishes work at the company he’s been with for over 36 years this Friday. The process has been an emotional one, but we’re all getting there.

The timing couldn’t be better. Our 22nd wedding anniversary is next Saturday (as is the New Moon- how much more text book new starty can you get?) and we fly out for Bali on Sunday. The perfect fullstop to one part of our life, and the perfect start to the next.

Naturally, you’ll be able to follow my travels on instagram and and anyways. The links to both are in the sidebar.

What else is happening in May? Of course there’ll be scheduled posts for each of these events, but for now*:

Planet Movements

23/5/16 Venus into Gemini

21/5/16 Sun into Gemini

28/5/16 Mars into Scorpio (Rx)


7/5/16 New Moon at 16 Taurus 41’

22/4/16 Full Moon at 1 Sagittarius 13’


8/5/16 Jupiter stations direct

17/4/16- 28/6/16 Mars Retrograde 8 Sagittarius 54’- 23 Scorpio 5’

18/4/16- 25/9/16 Pluto Retrograde 17 Capricorn 29’- 14 Capricorn 55’

29/4/16- 21/5/16 Mercury Retrograde 23 Taurus 34’- 14 Taurus 25’

Saturn is retrograde until 12/8/16

*Note, dates and times are based in Sydney, Australia. I use the Aussie date format.