The Law According to Jo…and something about Mercury being Retrograde

no idea who I should give credit for re this, but it describes my mood perfectly!

I don’t think Kristen Stewart has an astrologer on retainer. If she did, she probably would have not chosen to make the statement she did today about cheating on RPatz. Not that I particularly care. Just saying. Hashtag. Although as always, I feel sorry for anyone who is so publicly hurt. Whatever.

On Twitter today I also noticed that not one, but four people I follow semi-regularly are launching new forum style multi contributor websites over the next week. Whilst I’m not particularly into mummy blogging (for no other reason than that my bundle of joy is a teenager now), all four have a lot to offer and I hope they all do well for their owners. Whilst I don’t know any of them personally, there are some really talented people involved and the concept in each case is an excellent one.

I don’t think any of them have an astrologer on retainer either. Nor do they read my posts…obviously…. With Jupiter in Gemini there are great opportunities out there to make the conversations bigger and more expansive, to broadcast the message…just probably best not to launch while Mercury is retrograde. Wait, just a week or so. Mercury in Leo when direct can’t be ignored!

As you know by now, I’m a big believer in life goes on- even when the Trickster is back-pedalling. I still book travel, I still do what needs to be done- I just take a little more time with it. But even I probably wouldn’t launch a conversation style site while Mercury is quick stepping in the wrong direction. The risk is that the conversation will, so to speak, take the wrong direction…or even a different direction…although that could be exciting. If I had been asked my opinion, I probably wouldn’t tell them to delay the launch, just to test, re-test, test again. I would also advise them to keep the scope flexible in case the original intent is taken in a completely different direction.

Having said that, I sincerely hope the ventures pan out with minimal problems. In any case, I’m sure that those involved have sufficient flexibility to roll with whatever direction the engagement takes them.

Speaking of problems, I spent all of today again in “conversation” with my ex employer and the old corporate phone plan. I wrote about it here a month ago.

Back in November I closed off the corporate plan, printed off all the zero balances (I couldn’t get my retrenchment payment without it) and moved everything into my own name. Yes, Mercury was retrograde at the time.

Despite thinking it was resolved last month (only after I spent considerable time and effort to produce all evidentiary statements and after receiving advices in writing from the corporate provider to confirm my rightness…which was never in question) it appears that it isn’t. So today I produce the same evidentiary statements, plus the confirmation I received last month, and provide it to yet another part of the old MotherShip. Seriously? Yes. Seriously.

One thing it proves to me is that when you commence transactions such as these under a Mercury retrograde, any problems that do arise will not be sorted out until they again come up under a Mercury retrograde. The Law According to Jo…don’t write to me….

In any case, with the Moon in Scorpio my 8th house Scorpio Mars is in the mood for a pretty decent stoush. I’m so angry I’m flat-lining…as my husband said “they will be sorry…”