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The heart of the matter…


As most of you know, I’ve recently updated my website.

At the time I also started talking to a designer about a logo for my business…and that’s where the confusion started. I have no idea what I want my logo to say.

I think I want it to be something like a stylized koru, I think I want it to say something about personal growth through transformation. I think I want it to say something about potential, and about being a work in progress, and unlimited possibility. But I don’t know how I want that to look.

Then there’s the purpose itself.

My vision for my astrology is (relatively) clear.

I’m not in this business to give you something to blame, forecast the future or predict when your life will get better or when you’ll meet that special person- I firmly believe that if I’m told something great (or crap) will happen at a certain point in the future I’ll take my eye off appreciating the now- and I don’t want to miss that. I don’t want you to miss that.

My intention is to bring astrology into real life, to use to enhance potential. I believe in using astrology to make the best of what we have, to identify challenges and work with them. I want to take the woo woo and the blame and the excuses out of it. I want to use the theme and intention of transits to grow. I want to use astrology to take responsibility for my own decisions and the consequences of those choices. My mission is to write and teach and encourage others to do the same.

The issue I have is that astrology is only a percentage of what I do. I’m a fiction writer, an astrology writer, a travel writer, a teacher, an astrologer. None of these are more important than the other- they are each a part of who I am and what I do.

How though, do I say all of this in a logo? How do I express myself in a logo?

Do I even have the right to say this out loud? Like this or in a logo? After all, I haven’t yet succeeded in having my fiction published. I still get more no’s than yes’s when it comes to my travel writing. This is, however, about creating the me that I want to be, me as a work in progress. This is my 5th house- the house that Leo rules. This is Leo in fake it until you make it mode.

At the heart of all Leo is a need to express. Talents, passions, voice- all require you take risks…all require a great big, brave heart.

In the body, Leo rules the heart- both physically and energetically. In nature, Leo is the King. In the Wizard of Oz, he was looking for courage. But above all, he wants to feel proud. Not necessarily flamboyant, but just proud.

The Leo New Moon is, therefore, the most creative of new starts. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is about ego, self expression, creativity. Given the Sun’s propensity to send out its’ warmth, Leo is also arguably the most generous sign. Leo is the Sun and the Sun is the hero.

With Leo, though, the fear of potential exposure of someone standing up and pointing the finger and exposing you as a fraud is ever present. Wherever Leo is in your chart is where this matters. This is where it’s extra hard to risk a no to get a yes. Your challenge is to find heart, strength and courage without losing yourself in the process. The key here is not to lose sight of the fun, to play with things- especially the stuff that makes your heart sing. The separating trine between Uranus and the Sun will help you here.

The big aspect in the backdrop of this New Moon is an opposition between Jupiter and Pluto. This can be an either or type of energy- a time when all your effort culminate in something that approximates your wishes coming true, or a time when it feels like the forces of the world are against you.

The shadow of Pluto is power for powers sake, a sort of Machiavellian manipulation to push yourself forward at the expense of others. The shadow of Jupiter can be an over reaching fanaticism and refusal to accept any other possibility. This transit is a reminder that your goals may need to change to take into account the needs and opinions of others- it’s also a reminder that at the end of the day generosity of spirit and integrity is more important than coercion of others simply to get what you want. Bear that in mind when you’re setting your intentions this New Moon.

OK, the technical details. This New Moon is at 14 Leo 34’, so those most impacted will be Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus planets at or around, say, 12-17 degrees of those signs. Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius planets between 13-16 degrees may also feel it. But as with all lunations (that’s a technical astro word for New Moons and Full Moons), the closer the orb the better…well the more likely you will feel it in some way.

Check out where this falls in your chart. It is that part of life where you are being asked to look for courage and strength, but above all self-expression, generosity and creativity. It is where you are being asked to follow your heart and be who you are, not who you should be. There is a difference.

With thanks to April Elliott Kent for inspiring this post with this post on Big Sky Astrology.

NZ 9.50am Wednesday 7 August

Sydney 7.50am Wednesday 7 August

WA, SE Asia 5.50am Wednesday 7 August

London 10.50pm Tuesday 6 August

New York 5.50pm Tuesday 6 August

LA 2.50pm Tuesday 6 August

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I need to read all that again because my mind was wandering as i read the words.. getting caught up in a few ideas for your logo. It began with your koru – either in front of a half sun whose reaching out/expanding rays symbolise your varied interests. Or your spirally koru as the centre of a sun with the outward rays again being all your interests. That morphed into my best idea i think … how do you feel about octopus? Particularly the tattoo style. Octopus are sea creatures, that would suit your Pisces elements … I’m thinking the octopus head or hood could actually be restyled as your koru, with all the octi arms symbolizing your interests. Depending on style, you could even have each interest written in a nice flowy font either within each tentacle, or alongside each one. Just a few thoughts, lol

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