The Emotional Overdraft

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The alarm goes off way too early, but I have high and healthy hopes for the day. The diary is organised, and emails taken care of by 9am. I have high hopes of a walk in the sun at lunchtime and a gym class while my daughter is at swimming.

Then the day goes downhill. An unscheduled teleconference, a network outage and the lunchtime walk is forsaken for a sandwich at my desk. The emails and calls continue, and I am grateful (again) for the Bluetooth in my car that allows me to continue to take calls as I tear home (late again), do the swimming drop off (late again), and therefore miss the planned gym class (again). At this point I realise there is nothing in the house for dinner and make an unscheduled stop for groceries. Once home, the first glass of wine is poured while the homework supervised, and the 2nd while dinner is contemplated. By the time 8pm comes, and the day is nearly done I quite simply can’t be faffed to take the dog for the walk I know she needs and am in bed soon after.

Tomorrow is the same and the next after that. Sound familiar? We exist, we function, but the intensity of life is missing. When we are in periods of stress, despondency and boredom we often unconsciously go to the shadow side of our Moon, the part that nurtures us. In the case of my Pisces Moon, I reach for the wine and the sense of escape from feeling that comes with that. Yes, I feel comforted for a while, but that comfort is taken away as my fitness declines, general greyness of mood kicks in and my clothes get tighter. As my tummy rolls form a veranda and I can no longer see my feet (OK, a slight exaggeration), I have had to look harder at alternatives to my current mode of coping.

The verdict? Choose to replenish the emotional bank account more positively and intentionally by looking at the second house. The sign that is on the cusp of the second house will help you deal with stress in a way that allows you to continue to fit in your jeans.

I have Aries ruling my second house and the most effective way for me to release tension is to move. Specifically I love to box- there is something infinitely satisfying about a one on one training session where I get hot and sweaty and get to hit and kick someone.

I have tried massage, and tend to lie there thinking about what other tasks I should be doing instead. The simple fact for me is that no matter how de-motivated or mentally tired I am, exercise energises me and creativity keeps me motivated.  I use my Aries 2nd house in a Piscean way- my trainer knows that I will commit to my sessions as long as he commits to mixing it up & varying the routine. Swimming and yoga also satisfy both my Pisces planets and the needs of my emotional Bank Manager.

Some general ideas:

If your second house is ruled by a fire sign, get moving. Whatever lights your fire, so to speak. Fire signs also benefit from creative expression as a release.

Earth second houses benefit from getting in touch, mindfully, with their bodies. Consider a massage or other bodywork. Alternatively, feel your connection to the earth during a walk or the earth in your hands in the garden.

Music, books and socialising of all types- virtual or physical- release tension when there is an Air sign on the cusp of the second house.

When water rules the second, space is provided via a bath, a swim, some spiritual time out.

These ideas can be refined further by examining the nature of the sign. For example, Taurus should probably avoid the comfort food element inherent in a Taurean second house and instead opt for a walk (around the shops?) or a massage, and Sagittarius would always benefit from figuratively jumping a few fences, while Libra 2nd house might be happy to glam up, pop on the heels and dance the night away . I am happy to provide suggestions to anyone needing some ideas.

I know, it is easier said than done, as I am daily proof of. We all have commitments, schedules and responsibilities- all of which are personally compelling to each of us. But I am making a deal with myself to intentionally step away from the shadow of my Moon and feel the burn my 2nd house is asking for.  Aries also likes a little competition and I have a little side wager with a friend about results and abs & who is going to kick whose arse…


  1. Great suggestions Jo. I’m really pleased to have found your blog. Aries rules my 2nd too so I’m definitely going to go on that walk this afternoon. Thanks!

  2. Great post, Jo. I have Aries in the second, too. And I adore the idea of anything martial. Gotta move from “idea” to action, though!

  3. Thanks Shannon for mentioning this blog, it gives me new insight, lol!

    I have Cancer on the 2nd house and with 3 planets in Virgo, Venus, Uranus & Pluto in the 4th, I have finally realized that the best way for me to relieve stress is when I take a shower. I always seem to get this feeling that everything is going to be alright while in the shower, no matter what’s on my mind. This really helps me see why, lol.

    My only problem in true Virgo ruled 4th house fashion, is stopping myself from taking more than 3 showers in a 24-hour period, lol, that’s when I’m really stressed out!

  4. Hi JT,
    Got here via ElsaP and glad to arrive. You said you might elaborate with further suggestions. I’m Virgo/Virgo rising (12th) with 2nd cusp on Scorps: first word I ever said was ‘water’ and have pix of me enjoying bubble baths very young: baths and showers still give me a lift, but what other suggestions would you have re the Scorpio angle (to which my 1st has also now progressed)?
    Thanks so much and will return to your blog. (That wine thing can be a downward spiral, I know!)

    1. Hey Sabina, great to see you here. Scorp on the 2nd also likes activities that have meaning & require some extended focus. I have a scorp Mars & have always found that lapswimming is perfect- I call it blacklining where you just go up & down that black line- best way I have ever found to clear the head- and satisfies the Virgo urge to count things 🙂 lol. Seriously, though, I know other people with prominent scorp or scorp on the 2nd who zone out through longer distance running. Scorp on the 2nd carries the stress deep, so you have to go in hard & deep to clear it out. Good luck!

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