the Divine Miss Fisher…

Essie Davis plays Phryne in the ABCTV series…

If you look closely enough, you’ll find astro references in most parts of normal life. Books and films especially.

I was watching some offcut video from Annabel Crabb’s (she’s an Aussie political journo) Kitchen Cabinet (a show where she invites herself to lunch with pollies) and Nick Xenophon (an independent senator) was making some taramasalata and dillying with the details. She asked something like, ‘do you find it difficult to finish tasks?’ and he replied something like, ‘no, but I always think I could do them better.’ I looked up his birth details, and sure enough, there’s a Virgo Moon.

Anyways, the passages below say Venus in Virgo much more successfully (and succinctly) than the post I have scheduled for next Monday does.


“Miss Jones was the sort of person who is concealed, like the nun in the foundation, in every organisation which does Good Works. Patient, dogged, meticulous, vastly overworked, unpaid and completely unappreciated, she finds, files, calls, arranges, soothes and ameliorates papers, contracts, tradesmen, repairs, hurt feelings and Very Important People. No one notices her until God finally calls her home or she quits to look after her aged parents, when the whole edifice instantly falls astonished to the ground.

Repeated harassment usually greys her hair and causes her to lose her glasses, and pressure of work requires her to clothe herself in serviceable garments which are never decorated with anything more daring than a scarf and possibly a bluebird brooch. But Miss Jones’ strength was the strength of ten because her heart was pure and Phryne liked her very much.”

From Queen of the Flowers, a Phryne Fisher Mystery, by Kerry Greenwood

This passage screams Venus in Virgo. Sure, it is set in the 1920’s, (1928 Melbourne to be precise), sure it is clichéd, but the general gist is there.

Just a few pages later, we see reference to a Venus in Virgo man:

“Mr Xavier brightened and went so far as to lean forward, preserving the immaculate creases in his trousers without apparent effort. This was a young man who would be able to slide down a mud bank in his long johns and arise without a stain. Phryne suppressed a giggle”

Incidentally, Phryne herself is a Capricorn (see her horoscope here). If you haven’t checked out the series by Melbourne author Kerry Greenwood, do so- Phryne is a fabulous romp and the books are perfect escapist read in the bath with a glass of vino style.