The Conversation Arena

On the Air Microphone

It’s all happening.

Remember I told you a while ago that I’d be doing a regular radio spot?

Well, I’ve now pre-recorded a few shows, the first of which can be found here. This first one is a little about me, a little about astrology, a little about my brand of astrology, and a little about the Moon. I haven’t listened- I can’t bear to- but I’m having such fun chatting to Ben each week.

What is The Conversation Arena?

Firstly, it’s not an astrology show- my part, is just a small portion of what our wonderfully Gemini host, Ben Starr, has put together. This is a lifestyle show with a difference, it’s new talk radio for todays talk generation. To borrow from the iTunes blurb (yes, you can subscribe to the podcasts on iTunes), the show brings together the best of food and culture, entertainment, health, wellness, psychology, gardening, music and, of course, astrology.

More importantly, from my point of view- and, after all, this post is all about me- it allows me to take my brand of astrology, real life astrology, out of the textbooks and into a wider, more mainstream audience.

And even if I have a good face for radio and a good voice for print, that has to be a good thing…right?