The Closest Thing to Crazy

© Olyashevchenko |
© Olyashevchenko |

I have spent today dealing with a bit of seed and feeling decidely manky- the after effects of a day of a tad too much indulgence and a night of weird dreams and too little sleep.

After a day at the races yesterday (with some success on the system too, I might add, but more on that when I can actually insert the charts) and an evening which left me feeling wired beyond belief, I am now just more than a little sad.

My husband has put it down to a hangover- the symptoms fit, he says…and perhaps they do. Personally I think there is more to it than that, but in true Piscean fashion, I am burying my head firmly in the sand and will stick my fingers in my ears and say lalalalalalalala very loudly until it all goes away.

With the partition job in closedown mode and the future uncertain, I am now really wishing that I had taken opportunities to make moves and have conversations that needed to be had. And now its too late…or soon will be- the months are rolling by very quickly. Having said that, it isn’t the insecurity which makes me sad- I firmly believe that change happens for a reason and blue sky follows grey and there is always going to be “enough” along with other cliches in the same vein- but rather the loss of certain attachments- and everyone knows that we Pisces do attachment extremely well! Aside from anything else, I don’t have the level of focus require to dwell for too long on regrets or what might have beens.

On the upside, the words have been flowing. I trusted someone the other day with the first very rough draft of the manuscript that time forgot and as mortifying as the whole experience was, the feedback was pertinent and so amazingly spot on that I picked it back up for the first time since the end of November and have been writing and (in some cases) re-writing like a woman possessed.

Anyways, you didn’t come here to listen to me bleating on about sad sack stuff or the never ending novel, but seriously, with the Moon now conjunct Neptune (as I write) and about to enter Pisces, Neptunitis is the definite order of the day. What comes with that is a certain amount of bleating, victim mentality and tears for no real logical reason. To recognise the other signs of Neptunitis check out my post…the link is here.

All I can say is thank goodness the Pisces Moon lasts only a couple of days!