The Book Grab Pt3

Book Stack

Listed so far… (please refer back to previous posts for details of what size postpak these will fit into…):

Palmistry Revealed, Paul-Fenton Smith

The Thoth Companion, Michael Osiris Snuffin

Tarot and Astrology, Corrine Kenner

The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Tarot, Rachel Pollack

Tarot Made Easy, Nancy Garen (2nd or 3rd hand)

Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, Lon Milo DuQuette

Tarot Prediction & Divination, Susyn Blair-Hunt

The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology, Vivian Robson

Electional Astrology, Vivian Robson

Astrology and Sex, V Robson

An Introduction to Astrology, William Lilly

The Houses- Temples of the Sky, Deborah Houlding

The Twelve Houses, Howard Sasportas

Asteroid Goddesses, Demetra George & Douglas Bloch

Horary Astrology Plain & Simple, Anthony Louis

Horary Astrology- The Key to Scientific Prediction, WJ Simmonite, MD (I think the MD is important)

The Progressed Horoscope, Alan Leo (this even smells like an Important book).

Next up…and these will all fit into a small satchel:


The Practice and Profession of Astrology, Stephen Arroyo

Karmic Connections, Judy Hall

Planets in Locality, Steve Cozzi

Astrolocality Astrology, Martin Davis

Rising Signs, Sasha Fenton

Essentials of Medical Astrology, Harry F Darling MD

Introduction to Medical Astrology, Wanda Sellar

Skymates- The Astrology of Love, Sex and Intimacy, Steven and Jodie Forrest


The books below are all a little larger, so will go into the larger satchel:


Astrology for the Soul, Jan Spiller

Mapping Your Travels & Relocation, Maritha Pottenger & Kris Brandt Riske

Health Signs, Claire Petulengro

Planets in Composite, Robert Hand

Spiritual Astrology, Jan Spiller & Karen McCoy

Person to Person Astrology, Stephen Arroyo

The Tarot Revealed, Paul Fenton-Smith

Yesterday’s Sky, Steven Forrest


I’m having so much fun purging, that husband and daughter are talking about nailing things down!

Just a reminder- due to postage issues, this is for Aussie readers only. You’ll find all the conditions etc in this post.

Until tomorrow…