The Apple and the Worm


I meant to post this yesterday, and then one thing led to another and before you know it the day was done. And that’s how it should be under a Libra Moon- doing things that make you feel good with people you want to be with.

I spent the afternoon with a group of ladies at a car maintenance course aimed at making women more confident under the hood, so to speak. Or at the very least have an idea about when the mechanics say stuff like, “Lady, you don’t understand” or “no need to worry your pretty little head about that”, that you know you are being ripped off.

This was car care with style.

Some of us remember the old cars we used to drive where we would carry spare coolant (and anti freeze) in the boot and a nail file to separate the spark plugs (or was that just me). The class is also aimed at mothers and daughters and new drivers, so for many of the younger girls in the group, the information was all new.

Regardless of our experience, most of us had morphed into these helpless creatures who simply drove our cars (most of us were middle class Mums with SUVs) down to the service depot each month where it would be done under warranty. Hell, my neighbour (I went with her and her 17 year old daughter who has just got her license) commented that until recently my husband used to even fill my car up with petrol every week!

We learned where all the important things were under our bonnet, where to check (and fill) the oil, and other car related fluids. We learned what to do with batteries (and if my BMF is reading, no comment please) to make them last longer. We learned how to change a tyre and use our body weight to loosen and tighten the nuts (no comment there either please). We also got a few tips to keep us safer behind the wheel.

All in all, a fun couple of hours- and so appropriate under a very girly Libra Moon and a detailed Mars in Virgo.

We only have this lovely Libra energy for another 5 hours or so. By mid afternoon (Sydney time) La Luna will have moved into the heady depths of Scorpio- so most of you on the Northern hemisphere will be waking up to a more intense Sunday.

The Moon in Scorpio has a Plutonic feel about her. Her emotions are deeper, more keenly focused and quite explosive.

The first major aspect she will make is an opposition to Venus in Taurus. The Scorpio-Taurus axis is very much one of hanging on and letting go, ice-pick focus versus whatever. So, while Venus is very much at her best in Taurus and lolling about on the couch taking it slooooow, the Moon in Scorpio is on her worst possible behaviour and looking for the worm in the middle of the apple when she could just be savouring its sweetness.

Get the idea?

Venus isn’t really concerned about that anyway, she has a party with Jupiter to pop her pretty shoes on for…more on that one tomorrow.

Oh, photo a day today was “loud”…and that’s exactly what the noise was when during a demonstration of where spiders tend to lurk under the bonnet a huntsman was found… sure it was dead, but we all reacted as if it weren’t!

Want to know more about the course? Here is the link