That’s Freedom

my uncle arranged for 94 balloons in Nan's favourite colours- one for each year of her life.

Today we said goodbye to my Nan.

The Moon is in Aquarius (as was Nan’s natal Moon) and the music they played was John Farnhams’ “That’s Freedom.” She loved John Farnham.

One of my cousins talked about how Nan always had a costume for any occasion. There was the full Santa get-up for Xmas (complete with bell), the Dolly Parton (complete with wig and fake boobs), the Spanish dancer (complete with castanets) and the Rockabilly Rebel (complete with checked shirt). Then there were the bags filled with shoes and necklaces and chandelier earrings- and a whole room for her hundreds of volunteer uniforms. A contingent from the Sydney Olympics Volunteers turned up in their distinctive blue jackets. In fact, contingents turned up from so many different places- there was standing room only in the chapel.

Another cousin said “no one else had a Nan like we did.”

That’s what you get with a Cancer Sun and Aquarius Moon- a combination completely out of the ordinary.

The current planetary energy is also out of the ordinary.

With Mars in Scorpio, the air has intensified somewhat. Mars in Scorpio knows what he wants and will do what needs to be done to get it.

Over the next couple of days the Sun will join up with Pluto. They’re probably SMSing now, ticking off what needs to be done, the milestones that have to be met. The potential for achievement is high- if you want it badly enough. This is a trine aspect, so even though the hard work is still there, you seem to accept that it is all part of the deal.

Not so comfortable is the pending inconjunct between Uranus and the Sun. The inconjunct is an uncomfortable aspect and usually potends something that needs to be cleared or completed that you simply aren’t ready for. Whenever Uranus is involved, it will be something to do with your authenticity.

The Sun likes to be liked, Uranus doesn’t care- he just wants you to be honest with yourself for f$%^ sake. If you have any points around this magical 7 degree mark, I would be thinking on that one very seriously. Uranus doesn’t rightly care whether you’re ready to be you. In fact, this is likely to be something which needs to be resolved if you are to capture the potential of Sun-Pluto and Mars.

In a couple of days we have a very soulful blue Moon. Not just something lager louts do at the cricket, a blue Moon occurs when there are 2 Full Moons in a month. Somehow it makes them more special. More passionate… and a little more passion is always a good thing.

More on this next time…