Taurus New Moon- Take the Time to Smell the Roses?

Pic by me
Pic by me

Struggling for a start for this post, I saw this tweet from @missmia1: May: month to put all those wishes into stone, smell the roses and fill our senses with beauty (thanks to @JtotheLO for re-tweeting it!).

Doesn’t it just say everything that needs to be said about a Taurus New Moon?

But wait, there’s more.

While there is very little that we can teach Taurus about finishing stuff, there is plenty that can be learned about starting- Taurus is notoriously slow to start. A fixed earth sign, Taurus solidifies change, she doesn’t initiate it.

With Venus ruling in Taurus, comfort, safety and pleasure is preferred to risk and possibly pointless activity. Taurus likes to contain her energy and linger over the moment. As the Moon is exalted here, not only does she like to bring Venus into her life, but she also likes to surround herself with things in order to feel safe. Taurus holds onto what she has, to store it up as defence against leaner times perhaps.

This can manifest in physical weight (Taurus loves good food and wine and typically has a slow metabolism),  physical “stuff”(Taurus does like to shop) or it can be emotions- the ones that you beat yourself up about and punish yourself for and be mean to yourself over. It may even be an image of yourself, an outdated idea of self worth (or self un-worth- if there is such a word…)

Whatever it is that you are carrying, it has the potential to weigh you down and make your joints hurt (or is that just me?). And, as we all know, when it is hard or it hurts or it is just plain heavy, it can be so much easier just to stay put on the sofa, metaphorically speaking.

Not only does letting go or leaving crap behind give you the freedom to move forward, but it also allows you to be more mindful of the process, and take more pleasure along the way- become more “connected” to what your goals are. And that is how Taurus manages to finish stuff. Wherever 12 Taurus is in your chart will give you an indication of what you need to let go of in order to lighten the load and push forward.

The other concept that Taurus understands is routine. Good routines allow you to thrive and achieve, whilst bad ones allow you to wallow. Taurus knows both sides of this. Personally I find the crappiest thing about habits is that you have to do them more than once…apparently…

This year for me, so far, has been distinguished by the complete lack of routine- something my Personal Trainer reminded me of the other day when he commented that not only had I completed my goal sheet for him, but that we had not managed to string any sessions together all year. Hmmmm. When I thought about it and looked at my calendar I saw he was right.

As a Pisces person I love to go with the flow, but the lack of routine and boundaries for me results in a lot of “what consequence?” type of behaviour and a complete inability to focus on goals, let alone achieve anything. As a result of general messiness at work and home, my energies have been scattered in a million different and focused on pretty well nothing. With Taurus on the cusp of my 3rd house, I need fixed routines in order to ground me, stabilise me and provide some structure. I need fixed routines to provide an anchor of sorts. The New Moon falling exactly on the cusp of the 3rd house is a reminder that my routines need…well, routine!

Sarah Wilson’s column this week talked about the importance of a morning routine…and it got me thinking. I used to have one- not that long ago- it consisted of getting out of bed and moving my arse. Coincidentally when I had one (a routine, that is, I still have an arse- it’s just bigger now) I was fitter, slimmer and got an awful lot more done with a lot fewer excuses.

A friend and I have signed up for (and paid the $$$) a 10km run in September (actually the course is closer to 9kms, but 10 is a much nicer number). This is something that I can’t do without a routine. It is also something I can’t do without starting.

The other routine I am practicing is a daily word count- this manuscript is not going to finish itself and I do not want to be one of those Pisceans who always has a nearly finished book. Having said that, I did just finish the 30 day song challenge on Facebook…does that count? I can honour myself for that J.

At this New Moon, with 5 planets still within Aries, we have the perfect opportunity to turn whatever wishes we have into goals and have the energy to pursue them.

The Moon in Taurus is one where physical pleasure and presence is important. A time where slowing down, re-connecting and tuning in with the body through things like massages and other beauty treatments or with the earth through gardening, walking etc is important. It may also be a time where the urge to shop and eat is also greater than usual. Hmmm.

Looking at the planetary line-up in a little more detail, Venus, the ruler of this New Moon is in Aries.  As we have already seen, this Venus likes to sweat and is an instant gratification sort of girl. This is not someone who will wait on the couch watching the telly until her moment arrives- she will hunt it down, throw it over her shoulder and bring it back.

At the New Moon tomorrow, Venus is conjunct Mercury. This provides a great backdrop for relating and easy communication around what it is that you want. Sure, in Aries it isn’t the best position for actually getting in and getting things done, but it certainly does allow for actions to speak pretty loudly, yet sweetly.

Mars, as ruler of Aries, is still within kicking distance of Jupiter. This powerhouse of energy (see yesterdays’ post) needs the Taurus Moon energy to turn actions into something more channelled and focused.

So, we have a New Moon in Taurus which wants to take the time to smell the roses and all that other mindful in the moment stuff and 5 planets in Just Flipping Do It and Do It Now Aries. How will this manifest? What we do now to cement our goals and actually start the activity to attain them will pay off…with abundance. Maybe next year it will be a half marathon we enter…or not…one thing at a time…


The New Moon (at 12 Taurus 31’) is at approx 3.51pm Sydney time Tuesday 3/5/11. For other parts of the world?

  • New Zealand: 5.51ishpm Tuesday
  • Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong etc: 1.51ishpm Tuesday
  • London: 7.51isham Tuesday
  • New York: 2.51isham Tuesday
  • LA: 11.51ishpm Monday

or thereabouts…


  1. Thank you for reminding me to take the time to smell the roses while I plant my garden, Jo… New Moon Blessings!

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