Taurus Moon- Step Away From the Chocolate and Into the Garden

Image from dreamstime.com
Image from dreamstime.com

Mondo grass always seems like a great idea when it is first planted. The perfect natural border, I guess.

We have a relatively large house block here in the suburbs and I swear when we first moved in, at least one third of it was covered with mondo grass…which would be OK if mondo grass stayed where it was planted rather than spreading…madly.

I had planned on painting our bedroom this weekend. I have ordered some blinds to replace the manky old curtains and have bought a new brighter doona cover set. The idea was to replace the existing colour on the walls with a clean cream. But when it came to it, I just couldn’t do it. I love the existing colour too much.

So without a bedroom to transform, I hit the garden for a few exhausting hours- hence the mondo grass which, I must say, is no longer. Nor are a number of small trees & shrubs- under which I found a rather cute looking stepping stone path.

With the Moon in Taurus, gardening was one of the more practical activities today- less calories than comfort eating and less expensive than comfort shopping (both common Taurus Moon activities). And given that I just couldn’t be faffed going to the gym, some outdoors sweating at least meant that I got my activity quota in for the day.

This month the Taurus Moon will be even more into temptation, with Jupiter in play for much of today conjunct the Moon. According to Jupiter, why say no when yes is so much more fun!

For these couple of days each month, it may feel harder to get off the couch and energy may be just a tad more elusive. You will feel better, though, if you do move through it.

Other good Taurus Moon activities? Anything to do with the body, beauty and art. Walking is great, and it is the best couple of days of the month for massages and facials. Combine a few Taurus activities and take a wander through an art gallery…

If you do find yourself craving sweet treats, use the “lay-by” method ie promise yourself you can have it tomorrow…or the day after. Then if the cravings are still there, get the best quality whatever it is you want and savour every single mouthful…without guilt. Better still, indulge in something less calorific that engages the senses- some spices and brightly coloured pumpkin soup, licorice root or warm spicy teas, yoghurt with some pureed fruits, frozen banana- all things that taste good, smell good, look good & feel good on the tongue.

Who is more likely to be under the Taurus Moon spell? Anyone with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Taurus or Cancer…actually in Scorpio too. Capricorn and Virgo Moons may also find themselves a little more likely to stray off their chosen paths at this time of the month and Pisces…well does Pisces ever need an excuse?

The Sun is currently square Uranus and approaching an annual opposition with Pluto. The ego is taking a pasting from every direction as work/life struggles come under the microscope. Uranus adds unpredictability that neither the Sun in Cancer nor Pluto in Capricorn is too keen on.

Square aspects general herald a turning point, a tension or frustration where events out or your control are pushing you into a new, probably uncomfortable, path, whereas with the opposition, something being done to do is forcing you to change. Either way, with both Uranus and Pluto involved, you can bet a struggle is ahead. These aspects will still be in play at Fridays New Moon and eclipse- at which time Saturn will also come into play. More on that one later this week.

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