Talking about pop music…


There’s a line in the movie Muriel’s Wedding, where (I think) Muriel says something like how she wishes life could be like an Abba song.

I get that. Not just because I (still) love Abba, but because it’s pop music at its absolute daggiest best that does it for me.

Regular readers know that the title of most of my main posts contain the lyrics from a song that sings that sign to me.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately as I’ve been preparing my fiction manuscript for another onslaught on prospective publishers. As an aside, they won’t know what’s hit them. Anyways, my heroine, you see, has a thing about daggy pop music, so every chapter has a song listing. I’ve been playing the playlist in the car to and from work- it helps me get in my characters head so the words come out from behind the numbers when I finally get in front of the laptop.

The thing is, I know the statistics aren’t on my side from a publishing viewpoint- especially when it comes to women’s fiction, or chick lit. I know the odds aren’t on my side, but I have to believe that mine will get over the line someday soon (incidentally, that’s the title of a song by Natalie Bassingthwaite).

That’s what this Full Moon, at 22 Sagittarius, is about- keeping the faith, believing in something, choosing to see the light rather than the shade, the horizon, the forest, the brighter side of life, being brave enough to take a risk and just know that you’ll land safely…or have one hell of an adventure along the way.

It’s about working beyond what you know to what you know…and yes, there’s a difference.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, so what we’re talking about here isn’t some sort of blind trusting faith in the future, it’s more active than that. It’s a vital sort of optimism that requires you to balance the details with the bigger picture and confidently go forth into….into something you have no idea about- except that it’s beyond what you know, but’s absolutely into something that you know. That’s where the arrow comes into it- it’s questing, seeking, and absolutely not passively waiting.

Given that all things worth having are worth risking or testing, this is one busy Full Moon.

Let’s look at the rulers first. Jupiter, the ruler of the Sagittarius Moon is inconjunct at 22 Cancer. This is a real coming ready or not transit. Want to think a little longer? Tough. Fail to act and you’ll miss it. It’s that simple.

And miss it, you might. Mercury, the ruler of the Gemini Sun, is retrograde in Cancer, so yesterday is comfortable. After all, the past can’t hurt you or surprise you or test you- it’s already done that.

Then we have Venus opposing Saturn.

This one has me singing Diana Ross’s You Cant’s Hurry Love– incidentally, a song I seriously dislike…but the lyrics are appropriate. It’s also that thing about kissing goodbye and clinging tighter (Baby It’s You, Promises), and setting things free, why don’t you Babe. It’s the band of gold, the ties that bind and a little of Tina Arena’s Chains. It’s about knowing that love isn’t something you rush at grab at, it’s about knowing that gratification is sometimes delayed and, more often than not, worth the effort and wait.

It’s not just about love, it’s also relating, values, the money or the simple life (Dandy Warhols). It’s about balancing all of this- and business and pleasure too.

That one falls at 17 Taurus and Scorpio.

Then we have Mars and Pluto applying to square off at 12 Libra and Capricorn respectively. We’re talking cardinal signs, so whilst heels aren’t dug in, both want to protect what’s important to them and hold their ground. Can you hear the theme from Rocky playing in the background? I’m also hearing something about hitting with your best shot, and how love is a battleground. In all seriousness though, Pluto is about power, ambition and absolute to the core integrity. In Capricorn, it’s also about protecting your persona resources- whether that be knowledge, experience, title, whatever. Mars Libra is about finding the balance, the compromise…and sometimes, someone else to do the dirty work. This time around, that isn’t an option- this is about you doing what you need to do from a place of personal strength. Am I Strong Enough? (Cher) Hell yeah.

Putting it all together?

Well, that’s where the DIY part comes in…