Taking Care of Business…


I had an important business meeting in the city this morning…and I’d had a reasonably late night last night. Ok, perhaps I could have even had a smidgeon of a hangover too…just the tiniest smidgeon though…a last throw of partying while Venus was in Sagittarius perhaps?

But I digress.

A serious business meeting means serious business meeting hair, and serious business meeting clothes, and serious business meeting shoes and a serious business meeting face that shows nothing of the indulgences of the night before and the weekend before and the week before. A serious business meeting means keeping the mind firmly on the business at hand.

Venus in Capricorn to the rescue. And a little concealer…

Venus in Capricorn means business. She is serious about how she appears. She is serious about her reputation. She is serious about her relationships. She is also serious about material security. And before you all write to me, this doesn’t mean that she is mercenary- far from it- just that she takes a practical, possibly business like, attitude to love, life and pleasure.

She adorns herself in simple, quality, classic pieces. Her jewellery is under-stated and rarely over done. This is not a Venus that does bling. In the work place, she does professional like no other, whereas for casual wear she may opt for simple separates and natural fabrics. She is sexy in a very natural, yet quite powerful way.

She will rarely make the first move and will instead wait until she is sure that her feelings are reciprocated so as not to appear to be embarrassed. When she does commit within a relationship, it is only when she knows herself to be serious about you and vice versa. Caution is important to her.

This Venus is resourceful. She knows where to focus her energies for the best return. She knows about where to get the biggest bang for her buck, the best return on her dollar. She knows all about boundaries and self control. She knows when to stop, when to hold back and when she has had enough. This Venus does not over indulge her appetites.

Yet, like all Earth signs, she is sensual rather than sexual, tactile rather than social, contained rather than demonstrative, faithful rather than verbally expressive. If she loves you, she will show you more than she tells you- in the things that she does, in the help that she gives you, in solid grounded useful ways.

All Earth signs need a solid love, the type that will stand the test of time. She doesn’t need the dramas, fantasy, romance or passions of other Venus signs, but, like her fellow Earth signs, she does like sex in all its earthy, raw energy.

Venus in Capricorn understands that it is as easy to love someone with money as it is to love someone without. Stephen Arroyo in Relationships & Life Cycles says it best when he remarks that “many of them stay married for money if they’re in a bad marriage and there would be financial uncertainty if they broke up; they’ll often stick it out for 30 or 40 years of hell just for that material security.” Venus in Capricorn may put duty and security above personal happiness- although she may justify it for other means. Again, don’t write to me- he said it!

And, let’s be honest, Venus in Capricorn is not the only sign who will hang onto a relationship well past the best before date for reasons other than happiness.

Naturally this all applies to men with Venus in Capricorn as well. As we know, the position of Venus in a man’s chart often shows what he looks for in a woman. In this case, he wants someone with Capricorn characteristics. She may be businesslike, she may be able to assist him in some practical way, she may be older than him, she may be able to help him climb the corporate ladder. She will dress conservatively, or at least appropriately. She will be well maintained, but not necessarily high maintenance. She may have Venus in her chart aspecting Saturn.

If you are a Capricorn woman, have Venus in the 10th house or Venus aspected by Saturn, you may well see similar traits in your own relationships. You may be more cautious with affection, and be drawn to those with whom you can share a mutual responsibility or effort. When you do love, it will be with loyalty, solidity & commitment…and a lifetime guarantee.

As always, consider also where your Sun is. Eg with the Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn will have a quirky edge.

Consider also what other planets your Venus aspects as these will influence just how strongly you identify with the above.