Take My Breath Away: A very mini lesson in Medical Astrology

Warning: Medical Astrology stuff ahead…some of this can be relatively advanced, but Medical Astro is an area I am hugely interested in, so please bear with me for a bit!


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This week I have been laid relatively low with a bout of late winter asthma. As asthma bouts go, I wouldn’t call this one an “attack”, and on the scale of things would rank it relatively mild.

Having said that, it has been bad enough to cause all those wonderful problems that accompany asthma- the humping in the ribs from the effort to breathe, the inability to do my “running” training (and yes, I know there should be other things I am thinking of) and the residual loss of lung capacity that will have to be built back up again when it is over.

I used to get it quite badly as a kid- at least until we moved away from Sydney to the country. But in the intervening 30 years, can count the number of “attacks” on 1 hand, and the number of episodes like this one on 2, hands, that is.

It has been one weakness in life which was used as a reason why I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do when I was younger (eg running), and something which took me to the one sporty thing I have always been good at- swimming. Asthmatics often end up swimming.

From a medical astrology viewpoint, asthma belongs to Gemini. The lungs fall under Gemini, as does inhaled breath and the oxygenation required to keep the mind alert.

While I have no planets in Gemini, the root cause for me is likely to be found elsewhere on what is called the “mutable cross” ie Pisces-Virgo, Sagittarius-Gemini.

Pisces is known as “the junk collector” in the zodiac, and has a naturally sluggish lymphatic system and an immune system that is often weak (arguably the weakest in the zodiac) and usually easily compromised (especially when, and this happens a lot, they forget to look after themselves in the way that they should)…and we’re not just talking about medical stuff here!

As such, Pisces can be subject to pretty well any of the usual afflictions that Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo have, in addition to their own tendencies. This tendency can be doubled if you also have a Pisces Ascendant…hmmm I have the Moon there in the 1st house too…

So, taking this one step further, the lymphatic system (Pisces) supports the immune system (Pisces) by filtering the crap out of the lymph fluid. Where the actual filtering happens is in the chest Gemini) and breathing (Gemini) is what pushes the lymph along its merry way. If the immune system (Pisces) is weak or compromised (addictions are also ruled by Pisces), there is a tendency towards invasion of bacteria or whatever which may trigger asthma (Gemini) or food allergies (Virgo). There’s heaps more on this stuff, but you get the general idea.

Regardless of the root cause, the result- a reduced ability to breathe and talk at the same time, or indeed a reduced ability to do anything but breathe, or at its worst, an inability to get enough oxygen into the body- is at best inconvenient and at worst, extremely dangerous.

I haven’t done enough research on my episodes to determine what, if any, trigger points there are in my chart. The last 2 involved Saturn and Uranus as the main transits:

  • April 2008: Uranus conjunct Pisces Sun, Saturn opposite Mercury and sextiles Mars. That one was triggered suddenly following a work trip to Hong Kong, a mega kick in the guts ET (emotional trauma),  the construction of a new kitchen & was the first such episode in about 15 years.
  • October 2009: Uranus conjunct Pisces Chiron, Saturn and Mercury opposite the Moon.

This time around there is nothing obvious happening from a chart perspective. As they say, sometimes shit just happens. But I do know that I have been running myself pretty hard for most of the year and been wired beyond belief for the last few weeks, so perhaps this is just a reminder. There has been so much recently that has taken my breath away, metaphorically speaking.

Anyways, whatever the trigger, I am on the mend and, with just 3 weeks to go before I have to face this 10km “run” am way behind on my training. Will hit the treadmill this morning, and get a better indication as to what I now need to claw back in terms of lung fitness before I can even think about the distance. I dare say I will be walking more of that course than I originally targeted to walk.

If you are interested in Medical Astrology, here are a few of my favourite reference books- but there are plenty of others out there:

Astrology, Nutrition & Health by Robert Jansky- Just brilliant for nutritional info especially

Introduction to Medical Astrology by Wanda Sellar- This is where a lot of the info I used in todays post came from. A great reference.

Medical Astrology by Eileen Naumann- the definitive source