Curious and curiouser…

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (1.56am Sydney time) we have a New moon, in Gemini. Gemini Moons are, above all, about human connection- joining the dots between seemingly disparate pieces of data and making a picture from it. It’s about new ideas, it’s about information, it’s about questioning, it’s about social contact. Over […]

Daily Planets Moon

something about detoxing, abfab & the New Moon in Taurus…

Absolutely Fabulous, Series 4- the Detox episode. On a girls night out, which is every night frankly, because no one has a man, the girls are talking about how every racehorse needs a donkey (symbolically speaking) as 2 racehorses in the same stable would, as Patsy so eloquently put it, “kick the shit out of […]

Moon Scorpio

Taking out the Trash: New Moon in Scorpio

We have a New Moon on Thursday morning (Sydney time), this time in Scorpio. That means that the next couple of days we are in the dark, or balsamic phase of the Moon. The time of the month we finish off, pack away, banish the banishables. Seriously, is there any better time of the year […]

Daily Planets Retrograde Venus

Daily Planets Friday 8/10/10: Its Not You…Venus is Rx

As I write this my cocker spaniel has curled herself underneath my desk on my feet and is (not so) quietly snoring. Awwwww. Mention has been made over the last few days of the New Moon (4.44am Sydney time). As with all New Moons this is the start of a new cycle for the affairs […]