Daily Planets Mars Retrograde

Something about phases, Mars and Wellington headwinds…

  I got to thinking about being stuck yesterday, and the frustration that comes from that. You know, that whole I want to move forward and get on with things but it just isn’t flipping happening and when will it flipping happen sort of thing. That sort of stuck. There’s a lot of it around […]

Daily Planets

what are you really hungry for?

Yesterday on the Facebook page I mentioned that I’ve had the urge to binge for much of this week. The last few days have been worse. I’m back on my anti candida thing, so have been avoiding sugar, yeast and a few other no nos for the sake of my tummy- and my scales…but boy […]

Daily Planets Mars

Daily Planets Sunday 3/4/11 Throwing things, Mars stuff & Milford Sound

Last night my Mars was activated. And no, this is not a too much information moment, just a simple occasion of tantrum throwing. But pure unadulterated anger. You don’t need the details. But it was a Mars rage. If I had read my own blog I may have been forewarned. If I had read Julie […]