Capricorn Featured Stars

It’s The Climb…

Ruler: Saturn Exalted:  Mars Detriment: Moon Fall: Jupiter Polarity: Feminine/ Negative Modality: Cardinal Element: Earth Body Parts: skin, joints, structure & form, skeletal system, hair, nails, teeth Nature: cold, dry, with little internal heat Capricorn represents structure, achievement and the efficient use of resources. As kids, we’d play Monopoly on Christmas Day or rainy days on holidays. My Cap Moon Dad would […]


Something more about Saturn in Scorpio…and a little about Saturn in Sagittarius…

Saturn moves into Sagittarius in a couple of weeks- just a day or so before Christmas. I find this ironic. Why? Sagittarius says party to me- fun, indulgence, exaggeration, abundance. Santa is also a jovial figure- Jupiterian. And in walks Saturn. Hi guys, the fun cop is here. Seriously though, this is one planetary movement […]

Daily Planets

Something about writing one of *those* scenes

So anyways, it’s 5.30am, and I’m sitting up in bed trying to write a sex scene for my novel. As you do. Before work. As you do. Before breakfast even. You see, I’ve recently got the structural edit back from my editor, so I’m working through making the changes. As an aside, if you ever […]

Moon Sagittarius

DIY Sagittarius New Moon

Where in the chart? Before you can even begin to answer these questions, you need a chart. If you don’t know how to do this, I’ve pinned this post to the front page of the website. Now, find the sign that we’re talking about. This month the New Moon is in Sagittarius- the symbol for […]

Featured Stars Sagittarius

Drops of Jupiter

Ruler: Jupiter Exalted:  NA Detriment: Mercury Fall: NA Polarity: Masculine/ Positive Modality: Mutable Element: Fire Body Parts: thighs, motor muscles of the hips & thighs, sacrum, coordination of muscles, sciatic nerve, liver, pancreas Nature: hot, dry, energetic and expansive. The questing flame. There’s this town on the North Coast of NSW called Byron Bay. It’s famous lighthouse sits at the most easterly […]

Leo Moon

Express Yourself- DIY Leo New Moon

I wrote here last week about my completely disproportionate reaction (ie meltdown) to the latest rejection of my fiction. I was telling my friend at the club last night about it. ‘But it wasn’t a real meltdown was it?’ she asked. ‘You’ve had rejections before- you know they go with the territory.’ I sure have […]

Capricorn Moon

DIY Capricorn Full Moon

Full Moons illuminate whatever area of life they fall on in your chart. Essentially it gives you nowhere to hide…or to keep things hidden. If it happens to aspect a planet (especially by conjunction, square or opposition- use an orb of no more than 2 degrees), that spotlight will shine even brighter- there is nowhere […]

Cancer Moon

So Yesterday- DIY Cancer New Moon

Normally at the Cancer New Moon, I talk a bit about home. Last year I think it was about the painting I was doing. This year my head is full of mamma bear stuff- I wrote about that yesterday. The Cancer Moon is about all those things. It’s about home, family, nurturing, the past, yesterday, […]