Letters in the sky

The thing about chaos is if you look really really closely at the randomness patterns appear. Sam Seaborn said that on The West Wing.

Just lately, I’m seeing these patterns clearly. I’m more aware of, and I hate this word, the synchronicity, of seemingly random phrases, words and occurrences.

I’ve always been fairly well attuned to this stuff- after all, I’m seriously Neptunian and I have a 12th house Pisces Mercury- I learn and communicate through the absorption of sub conscious messages.

Just lately, the messages are everywhere- I can’t ignore them, so I’m listening.

It’s to do with Neptune being conjunct my Mercury. More of that when I can make sense of it.

Today I’m catching up on blogs and this one by Biddy Tarot rang a bell with me.

Anyone who has ever had a tarot reading gasps when they see The Tower or Death or The Hanged Man. They sound like cards you should be gasping at.

It’s a bit like when we see Pluto about to aspect our Moon or Saturn cross our Descendant or Uranus aspect the Sun…or something like that.

The thing is, those scary tarot cards can be read as a lesson, just like those scary transits. There’s a shitty literal meaning, but there can also be something that will one day be quite life changing.

Next up I read this blog by Zen Habits.

I love most posts by Leo Babauta. I especially love how he so freely shares his work and his ideas. He calls it uncopyright and it’s such a Neptunian idea- and so different from a lot of what I read these days. I actually read a comment on a forum during the week where one woman was accusing someone that she’d never met or spoken to or communicated with in any form of idea plagiarism- because that particular blogger had somehow, across the Universe, had the same idea as the woman whose forum post I was reading. Seriously?

Anyways, the blog by Zen Habits talks about how often we’re discouraged because something is tough or there’s a roadblock in the way.

Often we’re discouraged because of some tough challenge or obstacle in our way. But a shift in mindset from a Zen proverb can change everything: “The obstacle is the path.”

The obstacle isn’t something standing in our way. It’s the way itself.

I hear this a lot, the excuses, the coulda shoulda wouldas. I do it myself- I have seriously crappy follow through. I’ve had messages about my lack of follow through from other sources- but that’s another story entirely.

The point is, often we see “problem aspects” or difficult planet placements as the obstacles that stop us from achieving our goals. I’m running a bit of a series on these as a result of suggestions made by newsletter subscribers. We’ll be concentrating on how we can use these “challenges” as opportunities.

Astrologically, this proverb teaches us to find our successes through the difficult aspects, rather than the easy ones.

I get asked a lot when things will be over. When will they get better? When will we feel better? The answer isn’t easy. Nor is it conclusive. Many of us simply wait for it to finish, but we don’t actively do anything. Transits can move on, but unless the job is done, the lesson learned (however painful it is)…

Which brings me to the last piece in todays series of synchronistic messages, a Facebook post by Marc from Sydney Astrology School. It’s worth putting in colour and bold…

Don’t look toward the planets to save you

The planets are teaching you to save yourself