Survey Says…

Man Hand writing We Want Your Feedback with black marker on visu

Over the past almost a month I’ve been running a survey regarding the type of content you want to see on this site going forward. The issue, you see, is that I have a very teeny tiny window each month to produce content for this page, so I want to make sure that it’s content you’re interested in seeing.

The survey has, until now, been running each week through the newsletter – and so far I’ve given away 7 copies of the Wellbeing Astrology mag to say thank you.

I’m now opening the survey up to all of you- with another 2 copies of the Wellbeing Astrology 2017 available to be won. All you have to do is answer a few simple (and quick) questions. The survey is open until 11.59pm (Sydney time) November 13 and I can post anywhere in the world to the lucky winner. So far the mag has been won by readers in the US, UK, Thailand, and New Zealand.

And the link? It’s right here. Good luck! Oh, I nearly forgot to say, if you’ve already responded to the survey, no need to do so again- you’re still in the draw to win.

And the results to date? As far as respondents go, Aquarians lead the field. You guys are responsible for almost 15% of all responses, followed closely by Capricorn, Pisces, Gemini, Cancer and Leo all at 9% each. The first respondent was an Aries (no surprises there…lol), and so far we’ve heard from just a handful of Taureans and Sagittarians  and only 1 Virgo. Yep, just 1.

So, if you want your opinion heard – and an opportunity to win the mag – duck on over to the survey. It seriously will just take a couple of minutes.