SuperMoon & a Mini Astronomy Lesson

The term “Super Moon” has been bandied about quite a bit in the last few weeks, with the Moon blamed for all kinds of things.

But what does it mean? Is it a Moon able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Nope, just a Full Moon that happens to be closer to the Earth than usual, relatively speaking. To be technical, the Moon orbits around the Earth, we all know that right? The pattern of the orbit is eliptical, which means that at some times of the month it is as far away as it can get, and at others it is as close as it can get. There are technical names for this (as there are for most things in life)- perigee (for ths close point) & apogee (for the furtherest away point)…& I challenge you to say both quickly after a few beverages. And when we are talking close, we are talking 356,000 & something kms away. If you want to know more about it, check out– it’s a pretty cool site & dispells lots of the myths & rumours floating around at the moment about the Super Moon.

moon orbit

Anyways, what makes this Full Moon so important is that it coincides with the perigee point. And it hasn’t done that for many years- 1992 I think, but I have seen a few dates recorded, so don’t quote me on that one. So, not only will it appear huge in the sky on Saturday night (Sydney time), but it will also trigger pretty huge tides. The Full Moon has a pretty massive impact on water, and our body consists of mostly water, which is why things can go a tad haywire around the Full Moon. Ask anyone who has worked in IT support or hospitals or any type of security work just what happens on Full Moon nights.

So, this Moon is pretty potent- more so than normal. And, as you know by now, Full Moons illuminate whatever area of life they fall on in your chart. Essentially it gives you nowhere to hide…or to keep things hidden. If it happens to aspect a planet (especially by conjunction, square or opposition- use an orb of no more than 2 degrees), that spotlight will shine even brighter- there is nowhere to hide. This Full Moon is at 28 Virgo 47′- so check out planets & major chart points between 27-30 degrees Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and the house where these fall. Personally, my Moon is at 27Pisces, so this one should hit me across the 1st/7th axis & right in the heart. Sounds sort of painful when you put it that way.

More on what the whole Virgo/Pisces thing means in relation to this tomorrow…

The Full Moon is at:

Sydney: Sunday 4.10am

London: Saturday 5.10pm

Los Angeles: Saturday 10.10am

New York: Saturday 1.10pm

Kuala Lumpur/Perth/Hong Kong etc: Sunday 1.10am

New Zealand: Sunday 6.10am

or thereabouts….

4 replies on “SuperMoon & a Mini Astronomy Lesson”

I really hope something interesting will happen! I’m bored. I have Mercury at 1’18 LIbra, so I’ll probably feel the last wave of this. The orb is too large, but it’s still close. Would Uranus in Aries be in opposition? Good luck with your cooking – it’s no fun if it’s not messy!

I hear you!With Mercury in Libra, yes, you will be getting the Uranus opposition very soon.This is a very stimulating aspect, to say the least. What houses are involved?

Mercury is at 1’18” Libra, in the 10th, conj the MC at 21’35”in Virgo. It’s a wide conjunction, but since I make my living as a writer, I’m pretty sure it’s valid. Uranus has been moving through my 4th house for awhile, and there has been big and sudden changes in my career – all good. And about two days ago, I decided I want to move to London for a year. I think that must have been at the time Uranus shifted into Aries … I’m looking forward to the opposition to Mercury – even if it’s going to be back and forth all year. And after it’d done with Mercury, Venus is waiting in the 11th. COuld be fun, too!

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