Sun conjunct Neptune – Uber Pisces

Thursday March 2, 2017

Sun conjunct Neptune

Moon in Aries

Moon into Taurus

Question: What is more Piscean that the Sun in Pisces?

Answer: When the Sun in Pisces hooks up with Neptune in Pisces. That’s what we have to look forward to today – an overload of everything Piscean.

What does this mean? If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in Pisces, you’d already have a good idea about what I’m talking about. If you have the Sun in the 12th house or in close aspect to Neptune, you’d also be getting the gist about now.

For those of you less, say, watery by composition, todays Sun – Neptune conjunction could bring about any– or a combination of – of the following scenarios.

Sun – Neptune conjunctions stimulate awareness. Like those little antennas all around your body that help you to sense things that you can’t normally see or hear.

Sun – Neptune conjunctions can turn even the hard-hearted of us into someone prepared to help someone or something less fortunate for no apparent or immediate return – ie just because we want to.

Sun – Neptune conjunctions can promote an environment of passive aggression, martyrdom or co-dependency – especially if you’re already a tad prone to this. Sun – Neptune conjunctions can send your imagination or fantasy world beyond what you could believe would be possible.

Of course, as with every aspect, there are pros and cons to each of these – depending on your chart, your circumstances, your attitude and a million and one other variables.

If you’re feeling over-whelmed – or possibly even if you’re not – it’s a great time to be alone with your thoughts. If you can’t get away, try and grab a few minutes to meditate or reflect. Oh, and when I say meditation, what I really mean is any activity where you mindfully allow your mind (yes, I’m aware of the repetition) to drift.

Also, take care not to allow a little harmless daydreaming to turn into a denial of reality. I’m talking here about over-indulgence in behaviours or consumption designed to help you escape whatever it is you’re trying to escape from. Pisces and Neptune are associated with the 12th house and self-undoing or self-sabotage. If this is you – and you know that it’s you – do whatever it is that you normally do to rein yourself in.

In summary? Sure, the boundaries could be blurred today, but try to keep at least a toe on the ground. The Moon and Mars in Aries should help keep things moving forward.