Strong Enough?

Noumea, Pic by me...
Noumea, Pic by me…

I’ve spent the better part of this afternoon listening to music and “chatting” with some facebook friends.

I was supposed to be doing other stuff, but daughters’ homework load and hubbys’ old man soccer commitments sort of put paid to anything more energetic this afternoon…which had started off to be a tad on the frustrating side. Aries Moon energy needs to be used, not wasted.

But, all was not lost- a few other watery souls were also in the mood for a chat, so we amused ourselves doing Donna Cunninghams’ Planetary Tests. I’ve mentioned them before in this blog and, if you haven’t done them, they are fun to do, can be actually quite revealing…and more than a little surprising.

Many of my results were quite similar- mainly because:

  • most of my planets fall between 17-27 degrees
  • most of my planets aspect the Ascendant and
  • many aspect the Midheaven and
  • most of them fall into a grand water trine/kite aspect

In most of the tests:

  • 0-15 low
  • 16-25 moderate
  • 26-40 strong
  • over 40 off the charts

By the way, for any Aries or Scorpios out there, a high score doesn’t mean that you win…it means that the nature of that planet may be over-emphasised in your chart. And, depending how you play it out, that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Take the Sun, for instance. A solar person, or someone with a good Sun score has a need to shine and is good with all the “self” words. Exaggerate that and the not so great “self” words may start to come in. Likewise a low Pluto score may indicate someone who trusts easily, forgives easily, is very easy going and possibly misses the under-currents, whereas a super Plutonian has huge potential to achieve remarkable things, to heal and transform, but may (who am I kidding?) have issues with trust, forgiveness, paranoia and revenge…a real case of using power for good rather than evil.

A low score may mean that you have problems integrating that planets needs into your life. Eg, my lowest scoring planet was Saturn, with a measly 2 points. I have problems with structure, focus, self-discipline and long term goals…in fact anything with a completion date further out than next Saturday. What it also means, in my case, is that because Saturn is not that well integrated in my chart, I feel Saturn transits way stronger than transits of any other planet. They really shake what few foundations I have.

My other scores?

Sun                 76pts

Moon              59pts

Mercury         11pts

Venus             32 pts

Mars               25 pts

Jupiter            55pts (65 if you count Jupiter as co-ruler of Pisces which this test doesn’t, but which I do…)

Saturn             2pts (I don’t count the conjunction to the Moon as it is out of sign, so all I have is a little quincunx to Mars)

Uranus           52pts

Neptune         73pts

Pluto               74pts

I don’t count Chiron and have very few aspects that don’t count as majors ie conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile.

I’ve often felt myself to be more Scorpionic than the chart would indicate and, for that matter, more solar as well & the results certainly showed that- as does the number of times the word “I” shows up in my posts.

Looking at myself honestly, I do tend to play out the darker sides of these extremes more than the positives. When it comes to Pluto, I get off on power games and don’t give as much credit to the potential for healing. In regards to Neptune, I do the self-delusion thing more readily than the higher spiritual thing. Certainly some points to think about… Have a go at the tests & let me know any surprising results. Thanks to my Pisces coven for the giggles and inspiration this afternoon- if I wasn’t abstaining I would raise a glass in your honour.

As an aside, this is more intermediate astrology, so if you aren’t sure drop me a mail. If you need to cast a chart (for free), check out and pop in your birth details. (I can’t put the link in here as it brings up all my personal info- & that isn’t a good look!)

La Luna is about to move into the comforting arms of Taurus (OK, just after midnight, Sydney time). This will help all of you who ritually start diets on Mondays and need some added resolve…and will hinder all of you who start diets on Mondays and can’t seem to stay away from the fridge.

Rather than swallowing anger, frustration, emotions along with the chocolate, try expressing them some other way- through exercise or by writing it down. Words often get caught in the throat, and feelings are better out than in.

The first aspect she will make is a sextile to Neptune, followed by a cuddle-fest with more is more and less is unthinkable Jupiter. Though temptation will come calling, hold firm and step away from the fridge, pantry or that new dress that you know you don’t need and are really only buying to make yourself feel better.

For now, Sunday afternoon hunter-gathering is calling.