still here…

So I haven’t posted much here…I know. There’s a lot of things I’ve been too busy for lately. I have, however, been posting daily on the Facebook page, and Twitter, so if you aren’t already, sign up to get the latest!

There’s lots that’s been happening in my non astro life, I blog most of that over at and anyways. This week has had a real Christmassy feel with an interview with Snowy the white nosed reindeer and a few other bits and pieces about Christmas.

So, just after 10pm tonight (Sydney time) we have the Sun move into Capricorn and the summer solstice for those of us here in the southern hemisphere, and of course the winter solstice for those of you in the north.

I haven’t blogged much about Capricorn over the years, but here’s a link to an old post.

Notice I haven’t said anything about the world ending? In fact, someone asked me the other day why I didn’t blog anything about the Newtown shootings or why I “look for the sunshine through the shit” transits.

The answer is simple. There’s enough bad news out there- and enough sources for you to get bad news from. It’s not that I ignore it, or that I don’t dwell on the horror the same as we all do, it’s that life can be crap and I’m a Pisces and very Jupiterian and Neptunian, so when you read me that’s pretty well what you’re reading. If you’re interested in the really horrible news, there’s plenty of other places to get it from- and plenty of other much more amazing writers than I. I generally feel as if I can’t do it proper justice.

Which leads me to another point- I rarely look at the astrology in hindsight of a particular world or national event (although sometimes I look at in in advance if I can be faffed). Again it’s not that I don’t think the astrology of these events is important- on the contrary, we learn a lot through hindsight astrology. I’m a first house girl, so mainly interested in what’s happening to me. That’s why this week I’ll be posting something on Uranus/Moon transits- because one of my close friends has Uranus/Moon conjunction coming up- and as one who’s been there…recently…as I said- it’s all about me.

I don’t do mundane or world event astrology- again there are plenty of amazing astrologers who do.

It’s also how I do my readings. I don’t actively look for difficult transits, I look for opportunities and themes. I look for proactive ways of intentionally dealing with the things that you can deal with. I look for ways to understand why you react as you do. You may not be able to control what’s happening, but self-knowledge can sometimes help you deal with it a little better.

When I do a reading for a client I always give both sides of the transit- the actual impact will be somewhere within a range.

Often that is dependent on what your relationship is with that planet natally. I know that I will have a tougher time of a Saturn transit than someone who deals with Saturn contacts in their everyday life. In the same vein, I will have a slightly easier time of Uranus transits because I deal with Uranus every day.

For this reason, I would urge people to read descriptions of the transits with their own chart in view and with an idea of the big picture or theme of all the transits and progressions that are taking place. If you have a lot going on, it might be worth doing the colour coding thing I describe below.

When I look at my own chart- something I don’t do that often, I look for themes rather than specific transits.

Essentially each year I look at:

  • What the progressed* Moon is doing- what sign and house is it in. I also look at what “terms”** it’s in- this will give me an idea of the flavour of it and a clear idea of where my emotional energy is centred. As an example, my Progressed Moon is currently at 4 Sagittarius in the 9th house. The first 12 degrees of Sag are in the terms of Jupiter. No wonder I’m hankering after overseas travel and a publishing contract.
  • I look at whether any personal planet will be changing signs or houses by progression
  • I look at the themes of the Solar Return- and any other major returns during the year.
  • I look at any major transits being made by the big 4- Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn. One year I went as far as colour coding a calendar just to see where the overlaps were. I can’t be faffed doing it again, but that year it really illustrated what was going on. By memory I had Pluto still hanging around squaring my Moon, a heap of Uranus conjunctions and Saturn oppositions, plus the mid life Neptune square and Uranus opposition… That was an interesting year.


* Progressions, or secondary progressions are a traditional method of predition- and one that I find accurately sums up the central themes of the time.

**Each of the traditional planets has a little chunk of power in each sign, so any planet falling within those degrees may be said to be “in the terms of that planet” eg the Moon at 4 Sagittarius is said to be in the terms of Jupiter. There are slight differences between the “terms” used by Ptolemy (the Ptolemaic terms) and those used by the Egyptians. I tend to use the Egyptian terms. This is a traditional technique, so it you are interested, google it.