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the wheel at the Easter Show
the wheel at the Easter Show

It’s been a busy week in the skies- I’ve not really known where to start.

I’ve barely kept up with the aspects on the Facebook page, let alone attempting to keep up with the posts here.

Aside from that, I spent a day at the Easter Show…and yesterday doing nothing but watch episodes of Bones. I was late to the Bones party and am now up to Series 5.

Anyways, now the Moon is in Scorpio.

Many of you cringe at this time of the month. Scorpio energy can be a difficult one- especially if it isn’t something that you’re used to, especially if you’re not comfortable with the intensity of Pluto.

With Mercury conjunct Chiron and sextile Pluto, the intensity of the Pluto ruled Scorpio Moon and Saturn will offer opportunities for immense healing through words. Sometimes an emotional breakdown is required in order to have an emotional break through.

The thing is, the presence of Chiron reminds us that words have the power to wounds as well as heal- especially if, as suggested by the inconjunct between Pluto and Jupiter, and the square between Jupiter and Mercury/Chiron- you’re not ready to accept what needs to be said.

Speaking of which, the square, that is, Mercury square Jupiter is often one involving exaggeration or deception of some description- or just plain old verbal diarrhoea. When it comes to healing communication, there is no room for tricks, lies or words that are meaningless and being said to just fill the gaps.

If you’ve got something to say, a situation you might want to avoid, you’ll be far better seeking the courage to deal with the situation honestly and with integrity than avoiding or escaping the situation through some type of deception. Just choose your words carefully.

It’s a little like those vegies in your crisper that have been there for ages. they don’t smell real good, but as long as you don’t open the drawer you can pretend it’s ok. Sometimes it’s best just to take the metaphorical trash out.

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