Sticks & stones may break my bones…Scorpio Full Moon

© Regien Paassen |
© Regien Paassen |

Trust. A simple one syllable word, but a concept that can be truly alien to some of us- often for no real or logical reason.

A friend and I were talking about this today. About trust and about laying yourself open for someone else. About the sort of Plutonic self- work that is sometimes required in order to eliminate fears and previous rejections and just…trust.

Those of us with either a Scorpio Moon or what equates to a Scorpio Moon (Moon in close aspect- especially conjunct, square or opposite- Pluto in the natal chart) find it difficult to trust. We also find it difficult to let go and may stubbornly hold onto patterns of the past, revenge fantasies or grudges when in fact these need to be eliminated.

Our shadow is obsession, our light is transformation and healing. It is these themes that are under full high beam at the Scorpio Full Moon… which is tomorrow…9.09pm Tuesday night (Sydney time) to be exact.

I was out earlier this evening walking with Five Foot Nothing & El Poocho and, well, you can’t help but see it up there. This annual face-off between what is essentially body (Sun in Taurus) and soul (Moon in Scorpio) is all about digging deeply and honestly to get to what you really really want but just can’t say. As Muse would sing “the undisclosed desires in your heart”. The stuff hidden in the back of your closet. The real Scorpionic stuff in life.

The Full Moon is like a high beam exposing secrets and fears. With the Sun in the opposite sign Taurus, control and trust issues also come to the surface. Taurus is about retention and Scorpio elimination. Are you holding onto something that you no longer need? Maybe there is some truth lurking just beyond plain sight- something you know is there but simply don’t want to face, something you need to express, but just can’t get the words out. Under the Scorpio Full Moon it is time to find it, deal with it, get rid of it, move on. If only it were that easy…

Scorpio is associated with the 8th house. It is also associated with Pluto- so real soul level, deep dark mystery stuff. Scorpio and the 8th house is associated with knock down rebuild transformations- the Grand Designs of the zodiac, so to speak. But it is also extreme, scary and very much below the surface. Not easy, but strangely exciting… in a Scorpio leather & whips sort of way…figuratively speaking… please don’t take that one literally :).

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me….

Lyrics from S&M by Rhianna

Anyway, check out where Scorpio falls in your chart to get a clue as to where the spotlight is shining for you. Think about what (or who) you want at a soul level- this is deep stuff. Especially notice if you have chart points in Scorpio or any of the fixed signs at or around 26 degrees. Personally, this is the 9th house for me, conjunct natal Neptune and feeding into my water grand trine- including an almost exact trine to my Moon.

The rulers of this Full Moon are Venus (ruling the Sun in Taurus) and Mars/Pluto (ruling the Moon in Scorpio). Venus (in the sign she rules) is whispering sweet nothings into Mercurys’ ear and is rapidly chasing down a reluctant Mars. These aspects make now the perfect time to practically examine relationship and have those difficult conversations you may have been putting off…perhaps over a nice meal or a bottle of wine…you never know what secrets may come tumbling out.

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  1. Hi Jo,
    Thnaks! Extraordinarily delivered info, as usual. As full moons go, this is certainly an emotionally intense, rather unsettling one. I feel like it’s the spade in the earth for me, cold and hard but a long needed nudge to dig up bulbs that never got a chance to show their colours because there was too much rain and total lack of sunshine/warmth needed for their growth. Yep…unearthing, but not discarding, just tossing gently into another place where they can freely begin the mulching process from without, not stuck within me anymore 🙂

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