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I’ve woken with a sore back. Again. It’s my hip- it’s out. Again.

Fortunately I have a good chiropractor. I have to- I have a scoliosis in my back- my spine isn’t straight and needs good support to stay upright. I’m suffering at the moment from a few months of laziness and lack of routine last year where I didn’t train as I should have, and completely neglected any work on my core. I’m attempting to remedy that now- I need to in order to stay upright.

At the risk of heading into too much information territory, my ankles are also hyper flexible- it’s the ligaments. It’s sometimes as if my feet are floating at the end of my ankles. It’s possibly a little appropriate given the extent of my Neptunitis. In any case, they need support as well.

In the body, Saturn rules the bones, the skeleton and the connective tissue ie ligaments. It also rules the hair, nails and other parts of the body that bring structure, form and boundaries.

In my chart, Saturn is in the 1st house, and it’s weak. The 1st house represents the body. You work it out. The way this has manifested in my body is textbook perfect.

It possibly wouldn’t be this way if I had more planets in earth signs. But I have only Uranus and Pluto- the generational planets…and these, in my mind, don’t really count…well, maybe just a little.  To be honest, in the face of the amount of water that is in my chart, most Earth is washed away.

Earth is the stuff that the real world comes from. It’s physical- we can touch it. It has substance- we can hold it. It has a structure and it provides structure.

Earth is the building block of life. Food is grown in it, it provides a base for us to stand, materials to give us shelter and foundations for our homes and places of work.

When the element of Earth is balanced evenly in the chart, we are practical and stable, in touch with reality, have a mature and strong sense of responsibility…and our physical and metaphorical boundaries are in good shape.

It is, however, heavy, dense and unyielding in it’s nature and requires other elements to provide movement, to shape it. So when we have excess Earth in the chart, it isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The body might by stocky in shape, heavy in build and sluggish in nature. You may not be inclined to exercise, you may be prone to melancholy or depression and you may be insensitive to the feelings of others. Relatively speaking, of course.

Excess Earth is also associated with stubbornness, a resistance to stray from existing habits (good or bad), and over concern with material things (money, possessions, titles) and you may be slower to perceive new ideas. Again, relatively speaking.

All is not lost.

To balance an excess of Earth, you need to bring in some Fire. You need to move. Exercise of any type will help- a lot- as will spices in your foods and the colours of fire around you. Wear or live with orange, red, yellow and you can’t help but stimulate your appetite for life and brighten your outlook.

Too little Earth and you might be like me- unstable (both physically and metaphorically), as if your feet aren’t on the ground and as if you’re not in touch with your body. You may live in your head, are idealistic, yet unable to manifest your full potential. There is so much that you could do if you could only set your goals, stick to routines, and not ignore your own needs.

Again, all is not lost.

Any activity that brings you back in touch with your body will help- massage, aromatherapy or other bodywork. Any outdoor activity or hobby that uses all your senses will bring you into an awareness of the physical.

Whole grains, food from the earth, green leafy vegetables…the colour green…these will all help bring Earth into your life.

Above all, routine is paramount. Set a routine (and that includes mealtimes) and stick to it. Flying by the seat of your pants might be fun and exciting, but ultimately won’t get you to wear you need to go.

Oh, and take the time to enjoy life’s pleasures…now, that’s one remedy I’m happy to try!

What about you? Do you find that you are unconsciously doing some of this remedial work? If you have an Earth based chart, have you surrounded yourself with Fire or Air types? What about if you’re lacking Earth? Have you brought Earth people into your life?

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  1. I have no earth in my chart and I struggle with sticking with things. I get so down on myself because it seems like every time I get started on something, I never finish it. Any more tips? I have taken note of the suggestions above.


    1. What I find I *have* to do, is schedule activities and keep to the routine. Otherwise I get nothing done, get really down on myself and start a whole pity party downward spiral. If you don’t have Earth in your chart, buying a diary and using it is the single most important thing you can do for yourself.

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